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Finding Your Local Store

By: - Marketing - July 25, 2011
friendlys locations finding your local store

Many people grew up with the famous sundaes and milkshakes provided by the United States’ most famous restaurants.  These include the renowned Friendlys locations, which have continued their legendary food options with many Friendlys locations popping up across the country, in just about every state.  That is why finding a location for this excellent restaurant is easier if you go online and check out their website before making any plans.

Friendlys locations are also rated according to the customer reviews they receive.  As Friendly’s is a franchise, many customers find one location that is their preferred one and they prefer to stick to that.  However, sometimes people travel and finding Friendlys locations in other areas is not always easy, especially if you are new to the area.  As such the locator online lets you choose your nearest location by the Zip code, area, city, state and even town.  With a simple click you will be taken to a menu list of varied state Friendly’s restaurants, as well as seeing how many are found in each state.  For example, there are over four hundred and two locations of Friendly’s restaurants in seventeen states.  Connecticut has forty-five outlets.  Delaware has seven.  Florida only has four and Indiana only has one, but Massachusetts has about seventy-six locations to choose from.  Maryland has twenty-one, whereas Michigan only has one, which is the same in North Carolina.  If you live in New Hampshire you can find four, but if you are travelling to New Jersey before a trip to the Big Apple, you can find thirty-three such restaurants.  New York has the most outlets with ninety-three in total.  Following a close third is Pennyslvania with about fifty-nine.  Ohio has twenty-three, Virginia has seventeen, and Rhode Island has six, some of which are located along the island’s pretty coastline.  Finally, if you are heading through Vermont to see the Fall leaves, the chances are that you will run into one of the state’s eight restaurants in its major cities and towns.

Of course, Friendlys locations are not all about desserts or cooling frosty drinks.  Many Friendlys locations offer a broad menu.  You can choose from a broad selection of appetizers, main courses, desserts, drinks and other tasty delights.  In fact, each Friendly’s location is well known for their own signature dishes, some of which are made by some of the best chefs you will ever find.  Breakfasts are huge and range from pancakes delights to tasty omelettes.  Lunches and dinners come from the same menu, so you can have the usual burgers, sandwiches, soups, salads and things, as well as incredible entrees with a variety of combos to choose from.  Even seniors are kids are not left out, having their own menu items with reduced portion sizes to make their dining experience equally as exciting.

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