Freezing Fat Cells To Lose Weight

By: - Weight Loss - September 21, 2011
freezing fat cells to lose weight

If you have considered the freezing fat cells as an option to get rid of unwanted fat on your belly, then you should read more in this article about the freezing fat cells procedure.  The procedure is medically known as cryolipolysis, a new method of freezing the fat cells that is not invasive at all.  Costing about $1,500 US, the procedure is, according to doctors, showing some signs of promise.

The thing to remember about freezing fat cells is that the device approved in general terms to perform the freezing fat cells procedure is FDA approved, but the procedure itself using the device for fat removal has not yet been approved.  However, many doctors doing the procedure, totally legally, think it is best to wait for approval and make use of the device for literally something else.  The procedure takes about two hours to do and the frozen fat is simply lifted out without any pain from the stomach.  The only issue that patients reported was a tingling sensation for about one week and the eventual disappearance of the space or pouch left behind by the loss of the fat.  Other than that doctors are starting to offer it based on the clinical trials that have been done so far, considered impressive by some experts.  Some doctors have even claimed to have removed as much as a twenty-two percent fat layer during the procedure.

Freezing fat cells, though not yet approved to be done with the device being used, is drawing in a fan club, people have undergone the painless procedure and are so pleased with their results.  Costing about the same as the cost of dental root canal, the freezing fat procedure is getting rave reviews, nothing short of a miracle to some people.  As there is no real surgery involved of a serious nature, the trend of this new cosmetic medicine is getting serious.  It is an alternative measure that avoids traditional cutting, stitches and ugly scarring.  What more could a person who needs to remove a little body fat have to ask for? Maybe it will even be approved for curing obesity.

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