Free Minecraft Server Hosting - Find The Best Servers

Free Minecraft Server Hosting – Find The Best Servers

By: - Games - October 21, 2011
free minecraft server hosting %E2%80%93 find the best servers

As a Minecraft player, you may be interested in free Minecraft server hosting. Minecraft servers allow players to meet and play online with others. The servers can be hosted by other players or by yourself on your own computer. Actually setting up a server will take a bit of technical knowhow and you probably won’t be able to do it unless you have some moderate computer knowledge. If you are unable to do this yourself, you should consider finding free Minecraft server hosting.

There are many types of Minecraft servers out there. Some of them include standard, survival, roleplay spleef and grief. Types of servers also have different maps like flat, ocean, cave and landscape. You can find dedicated Minecraft servers that will cater to all of these maps. If you are hosting your own server, you should be aware that it will take up a lot of bandwidth, especially if it has become a popular server. You should also have at least 2 GB of RAM and should probably have a desktop over a laptop. There have been reports of laptops overheating due to hosting servers for Minecraft.

There are many Minecraft free servers out there. Typically all you need to do when you wish to play is to do an internet search and you will be presented with hundreds of server’s right there. Some of the servers are quite popular and you may have to wait your turn in order to use them. Other servers may not be as popular, but you will find there are not a lot of other players on there to interact with.

You need to be careful as some of these servers do turn out to be scams. You certainly want to be playing in an environment where you have friendly players and no risk of scams. Many of the server lists will have descriptions of the servers and if you find a good one, they will kick players out who are taking advantage of the server. Look for servers that have a community feel to them and a daily backup. Depending on your needs, you may want to find a Minecraft server that is anti-lag, dedicated and has no bugs to speak of. Once you find a good server, stick with it unless you want some variety.

When looking for a Minecraft server, you will have many choices. As with any gaming community, once you find one you like, be respectful to other players and they will respect you.

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