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By: - Customer Service - July 25, 2011
four eyes locations great customer service

Four Eyes locations began in Philadelphia in the 1970s, creating an open type of environment for those needing optical services.  Not only does the Four Eyes locator allow consumers to find their locations, but get an idea of the valuable commitment that the company has to its consumers, as well as the products and services that it is able to provide at any given location.

Each Four Eyes locations are dedicated to providing the highest level customer services possible.  Their focus is not on consumers in general, but the specific needs of each individual customer.  With the use of the Four Eyes locator, consumers can even track their eye need orders, knowing that no work is done outside of the company by other firms and that every step of their eye care needs are attended to as if they were the only customer that the company has.  This important attention to the personal needs of customers extends into each location, where eye lenses and glasses frames are carefully handled by assigned, individual staff members so that consumers get to deal with one person instead of an array of people who may not be familiar with their eye needs.  This commitment has been continuing for a good thirty years.

Because Four Eyes locations can now be found through the Four Eyes locator, consumers are able to see the quality for money that they are getting, even viewing particular services and products offered by individual Four Eyes outlets.  Whether by the worldwide Web on a computer or accessed from a phone via the Internet, the locator also allows consumers to get advanced warning of special discounts and sales, some of which can run as much as fifty percent off.  In fact, it becomes apparent to many online locator users that they are getting so much more than the ability to find their local outlet and see specials online because they get consistent reduced prices on a normal basis, making any sales an additional bonus and means for consumers to save more money on products that are found even in other optical company provider outlets.  Their advanced technology for providing prescription lenses are provided and tracked through the locations’ online presence, meaning that consumers can advance from locating their local store to seeing firsthand the level of product quality control and state-of-the-art facility manufacturing that takes place.  Their locator gives access to many online features that may not be as quickly accessed through any other means.  As such if you are looking for a location for Four Eyes, and you want an optometrist that is independent for services and answering of questions, the locator is simply used.  Once online, you can choose the location needed by putting in the city and state or your Zip code and the distance that you are willing to travel to get to one of their locations.  Once you have clicked on the company’s ‘go’ button, your request is processed, finding you the right optometrists in the company that are within your travelling range and you can then either book your eye exam appointment or follow-ups online or call the location to discuss further appointment needs.  Ultimately, the online locator is a blessing to save you time and money.

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