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By: - Home Improvement - July 20, 2011
floor sander rental what to consider

There may come a time, if you own a wooden floor in your home, that you want to redo or refinish the surface.  If you are putting in traditional wooden floors, you may wish to polish and sand down the surface, but buying a sander can be expensive and to get one that does the job properly will cost you a fair bit.  Most hardware superstores are now offering floor sander rentals to cut the costs for homeowners.  However, regardless of your DIY skills, getting a floor sander rental needs to be done with certain considerations.  As such you need to know what to look for and what things to consider before you rent any such tool.

When you decide that you need a floor sander rental, you have two choices – a sander for the professional or a sander for the amateur.  The fact is that floor sander rentals vary because a professional person will be trained in using certain features that the average DIY person may not.  Of course, you want to keep in mind your budget in relation to the expanse of the wooden area that you have to sand.  Additionally, you do not want to get a sander that is far too difficult to operate or has features that you are unfamiliar with because you may end up damaging your floor permanently which will cost more money to repair.  Because sanding is just one step towards finishing your wooden floors, you need to find a sander that can sand off the old finish and then smooth down the wood underneath in a smooth and simple motion.  You want the sanding to be even because it is all too easy to accidently leave a thin layer of the old sealant or coat on your wood, making it difficult to add new stains or fresh sealant.  What you need to look for when considering floor sander rentals is that knowing the exact amount of sanding time needed will determine the sander that you are capable of using.  If you have limited sanding skills, therefore, do not use a high powered sander that sands at great speeds.  Instead pick one that has a much lower speed and allows you to stop and start to view what you are doing easily.  Additionally, you should take someone with you to inspect the sander that you are considering renting to ensure that there is no damage to the sander that could enable scuffs or dents in your wooden floor when you use it.  Also, and most importantly, ask the store that you are going to rent your sander from to demonstrate the sander and if need be show you some important techniques to use if you have little or no sanding experience.  This can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Besides the critical things associated with a floor sander rental, be aware of your own limitations.  Though many floor sander rentals can be very reasonable, if your experience is limited, you may wish want to consider either finding a friend who has considerable sanding experience or hiring someone to do the job for you.  Remember, that anyone can rent an affordable floor sander, but sanding the floor is a different matter.

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