Fire Alarm Beeping

Stopping That Continuous Noise

By: - Home Security - September 21, 2011
fire alarm beeping stopping that continuous noise

The sound of any fire alarm beeping stirs immediate concern about fire, evacuation, and the well being of your family.  This is natural and thus, a fire alarm beeping is always both dreaded, but welcomed at the same time.  Similarly too, a smoke alarm that keeps beeping would suggest either one of two problems.  First, the issue of an immediate fire threat or secondly that you have a device that is in need of maintenance, repair or replacement.

To be true, all fire alarms and smoke alarms need to be changed as a matter of course after about a decade in service.  This eliminates the gradual deterioration of the components or development of anomalies in the functions of the alarms themselves.  Although you don’t have to replace it after a decade and have the option to replace it earlier, you still should make it a regular practice to clean your smoke and fire alarms and change your batteries within the devices.  By removing them from their fixtures and examining the wiring in the enclosed case, you can see if there is a buildup of dust around the ends of the wire or on the connections themselves.  Clean these using a can of compressed air only.  The use of a damp cloth or alcohol based cleaner is not recommended and could cause a short, thereby rendering your device useless.  A fire alarm beeping or when your smoke alarm keeps beeping, it is an indication, in the absence of a fire or smoke that something is wrong with the device.  Typically it is an indication of a weak battery.  This is a built in function in which the devices will emit loud, intermittent beeps when the batteries are reaching weaker levels.  The usual time for battery changes is about six months, so be constantly on your scheduling to ensure that they are always in full power mode.

Remember that a fire alarm beeping and when your smoke alarm keeps beeping that it is because there is a need for battery changes or because there is an immediate threat that you should be aware of.  Either way, the saying that the squeaky wheel gets the grease is a welcome sound indeed when it comes to the effectiveness of your fire and smoke alarms, and of the safety of your family.

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