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By: - Education - June 14, 2011
fingerplays for preschoolers

Fingerplays for preschoolers are fun ways for young children to learn about life, numbers and other things prior to entering into school.  There are fingerplays that teach concepts and others that are simply funny ditties whereby the child uses finger actions with rhymes and songs to have fun, some of which may make absolutely no sense, but at the same time sound funny and make the child laugh.  One of the most popular types of fingerplays are fingerplays for preschoolers about dogs.  Of course dogs come in all sizes and ages, and as such, preschoolers can learn actions and things about these types of animals in a unique and exciting way.

Fingerplays for preschoolers that use fingerplays for preschoolers about dogs can include the following:

  • ‘Five Little Puppies’
  • ‘Three Little Hot Dogs’
  • ‘How Much is That Doggie in the Window’
  • ‘A Poodle in a Fuddle’
  • ‘Two Little Puppy Dogs’
  • ‘’This Little Doggie’

The fingerplay about the 5 puppies talks about how puppies learn to play, run, observe, race, chase things, play with their tails, run around in circles and make noises or not.  Each finger is bent downwards, using one finger for each subsequent line, which represents the first, second, third, fourth and fifth puppy in order and as such teaches the preschooler about counting to five.  The one about the 3 hot dogs uses dogs as a cute representation of food and how they are cooked, using fingers to count the number of hot dogs and to indicate the actions of cooking and eating.  The dog in a store window is all about the child having the vision of having a dog as a pet, though many of the actions are done verbally by imitating a dog barking, but fingers can be used to imitate the dog’s wagging tail and a shaking finger to show that other pets will not do.  The 2 puppy dog fingerplay is another counting game that helps the preschooler understand the concept of the numbers one and two in relation to two different animals, a dog and a cat.  The little dog fingerplay deals with understanding the difference between numbers one to five and the basics of subtraction and addition, where one finger deducted equals a lesser number and a finger added equals a higher number.

Fingerplays for preschoolers is about early education.  Whether you are using fingerplays for preschoolers about dogs or other types of fingerplays, each one teaches children about valuable concepts that they can learn prior to going to school.  This means that parents can give their children a grounding in the basics and make the transition into schooling that much easier, even with the advancement into kindergarten.

Photo: little boy and a dog – copyright 2007, Per Harald Olsen; reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License 3.0,

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