Fergie Face Lift - Bad Coverup

Fergie Face Lift – Bad Coverup?

By: - Beauty - September 2, 2011
fergie face lift %E2%80%93 bad coverup

It is well known that celebrities have plastic surgery done and though most deny the procedure every happened, the public isn’t stupid. We can see from before and after photos that something is very different about their bodies. One of the celebrities who has obviously had some work down is Stacy Ferguson, known as Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas. In addition to the Fergie face lift, she is also rumored to have had a nose job, breast implants, a forehead lift and Botox injections.

Fergie has been in the entertainment industry since the late 1980’s so it is very possible to compare before and after shots of her. Comparing her as she was in her late teens and early 20’s to how she looks now, it is obviously, even to the amateur eye, that rumors are true, the rumor of a Fergie face lift is real! Even though she has denied it many times, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know she has had work done. Though other celebs are quite vocal about their cosmetic procedures, Fergie, for one, has remained undercover and sly about the obvious work she has had done.

Another celebrity who has also reportedly had work done is Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and American Idol. Though the rumor of a Steven Tyler face lift has never been confirmed, he has confirmed other procedures like Botox injections. Another one who has been in the business for years, it is quite possible to go back through time and compare photos of Steven Tyler now and then. Since he has admitted other procedures, it is difficult to say if Steven Tyler’s face lift rumors are real or if he has just had a lot of other things done to his face. Though photos from his youth show a different looking man, he is in his 60’s now and his change of looks may have nothing at all to do with Steven Tyler’s face lift, it very well may have to do with simple age. He looks older, side by side pictures aren’t extremely dramatic and he as readily admitted other work.

Since we know many celebs have had work done on their faces, it would be great if they would admit it more often, like Steven Tyler has admitted his Botox work. Fergie’s face lift denial isn’t fooling anyone. Only time will really tell for her. If she is 70 and still looks 30, that face lift will certainly be confirmation of her dermal deception.

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