Fenwick Rods Do Well In Tampa Bay

By: - Fishing - July 31, 2011
fenwick rods do well in tampa bay

When I first moved back to central Florida, I really didn’t know where to fish.  I’d been inland so long that I’d lost my connection to salt water.

Nonetheless, I set out to find some local spots where I could wet a line.  The first place I found has turned out to be a great spot: the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

You can’t fish off the active part of the bridge, mind you.  What you can fish from is the old Sunshine Skyway that used to connect St. Petersburg, Florida with Sarasota and Bradenton to the south.  Back in 1980, the barge Summit Venture hit the bridge during a storm and knocked 1400 feet of it into Tampa Bay.

It was seven years before the new Sunshine Skyway opened.  Meanwhile, though, there was an old bridge to deal with.  Instead of demolishing it, the State of Florida took it over, put concrete railings on the two ends, and turned it into a state park where anglers can fish 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

One of the great things about the Sunshine Skyway is that it gets out into fairly deep water.  My cane pole wasn’t going to cut it.  So I went looking for some saltwater gear and found Fenwick Rods.

I didn’t need anything really heavy.  Most of what I’d be catching would be bass size and a bit larger, and I had some spinning reels that I could use; I just needed rods to go with them.  So I browsed the Fenwick Rods website to see what I could find that would suit me.  One thing I found out was that I really like the Fenwick Rods warranty.  The Fenwick Rods warranty is clear: if there’s any kind of a manufacturing defect they’ll replace the rod, period.  That doesn’t mean they’re in the business of giving you a new rod if you wear the old one out from normal use.  But that’s a pretty normal warranty in the fishing industry, and the Fenwick Rods warranty is known to be solid.

After spending quite a bit of time on the Fenwick Rods website, I found two rods I liked, both spinning rods, and ordered them.  When they came I put my spinning reels on them, outfitted them with Christmas tree rigs, bought some shrimp, and headed to the Sunshine Skyway one evening.

That first trip told me I’d found a good place to fish.  I caught a fine mess of sand trout, which are related to speckled trout but are silver in color and not as big.  They fried up really well, just like the brown trout I’d caught in Colorado on a fly rod several years before.  I didn’t catch any flounder, but I saw several other anglers catch them.  I’m looking forward to going back soon to see what else I can get into.