Feng Shui Living Room Set Up

Are Your Doing It Right

By: - Interior Design - September 7, 2011
feng shui living room set up are your doing it right

The ancient study of Feng Shui is based on balancing out the energies of a space in order to bring good health and fortune to the inhabitants of the space. Feng Shui can be done in any room of your home and many people will actually use Feng Shui in every room of their home. Using Feng Shui living room design is one of the most common places to begin employing Feng Shui in your home.

Feng Shui in the living room is basically based on a good flow of energy throughout the room. It is simple to do as long as the room is clean, free of clutter and has good air and light quality. Those are the basics of any rooms Feng Shui. If you simply do that, you will have the foundation of Feng Shui down, the next step is to find out what area of the “bagua” your living room is in.

The bagua is an energy map of your home. Each area will have different elements and energies associated with them. For instance, if your living room is in the south bagua you should encourage the elements of fire and wood so you would want to decorate with shades of reds, yellows, browns and greens. Furniture placement is also important when doing Feng Shui in the living room. You want the energy to flow through the room. To understand this, stand at the entrance of the room and picture water flowing through. Where would it go? Is the flow uninterrupted or does it get stuck? More information on the living room can be found online or in books on Feng Shui.

Feng Shui bedroom colors will be done the same way as the living room. You can only decide the Feng Shui bedroom colors when you know where your bedroom is in the bagua. Additionally you can choose colors that are based on sensuality which can be important in the bedroom. Colors that are skin tones, like light ivory to chocolate brown tend to work well as Feng Shui bedroom colors if you want to bring sensuality to the room. This usually will make the energy in the room focus on a specific instead of a general flow. Using mirrors, candles and essential oils can also help the flow of energy in the bedroom according to the teachings of Feng Shui.

There are so many things to learn about Feng Shui. For more information do some internet searches, take a class or hire a Feng Shui master to set up your home for the best energy flow.