Feng Shui Bathroom - Easy Energy Flow

Feng Shui Bathroom – Easy Energy Flow

By: - Interior Design - September 7, 2011
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The ancient Chinese study of Feng Shui is still alive and well in the twenty first century and one of the most common question people have about the study is how to design a Feng Shui bathroom. Though you may think the bathroom would really be a negative place when it comes to Feng Shui but you need to remember there is a lot of water in there and water is very positive. Feng Shui in the bathroom can be easy to do with some important tips and positive energy flow.

Employing Feng Shui in the bathroom can make it a very soothing and relaxing place. One of the best things you can do in the bathroom is set up mirrors and lights, including candles to facilitate energy flow. You should also have pleasing scents, like potpourri or another type of air freshener constantly going through the bathroom. You should make sure the space it warm and inviting and include music if possible. The more relaxing the area, or more spa-like your bathroom is, the better the energy flow will be.

Another relaxing place in your home where you can find sanctuary is the garden. Setting up a Feng Shui garden will bring good energy flow to the entire house. Water is one of the most important elements of Feng Shui in the garden and a water feature should be installed in every yard. Even if you have a very small space, you can add a small fountain to add the water element to your garden.

Another essential element in the garden is to have wind chimes. Soft, soothing sounds can make your garden very relaxing and further permit energy flow. Garden lights and outdoor candles should also be added for good Feng Shui in the garden. Scented candles can also help, bringing the aromatherapy aspect into the area. Statues and accents that you can appreciate will further set up a good energy flow in the garden as they are beautiful images. In Feng Shui beauty is very important for good energy flow.

Bird feeders, that will bring in elements of nature as well as pleasing sounds can make your garden an ideal escape and at night, having a fire pit, which of course contains the element, fire, will further bring energy flow throughout the garden. Consulting a Feng Shui Master or reading other websites and books will give you more information on how Feng Shui works and how you can make it work for you.