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By: - Beauty - May 27, 2011
fendi perfume

Fendi Perfume is a fragrance that has achieved what most cannot.  It has by passed all those striving for elegance and done just that right from the start.  Many women have vowed that if this Fendi fragrance is no longer made, they will just never buy another perfume again.  Well, that obviously cannot account for everyone or every woman, but for those that love the fragrance, there is no compromise or comparison outside of the more expensive brands.

Fendi Perfume is one of the last of the Fendi line, which used to include the exotic fragrances of Aisa, Celebration, Theorema and Palazzo.  Many women were sad to see those fragrances disappear into the annals of history, but when Fendi came out with this perfume, they set the stage for affordable and elegance that left the competition behind, especially in their price range.

The perfume that Fendi fragrance has come up with was a replacement for those others that did not do as well as the owner’s had hoped.  Yes, it was that simple.  This perfume has gained quite the following, a loyal crowd who had devoutly spend millions on the other Fendi perfumes, only to find that monetary gain took precedence over public demand.  As such, the Fendi Perfume came into being and so far the owners are not complaining.  The fragrance is going far beyond what the others had done, being so much more popular and netting millions.

As the popularity of the Fendi Perfume increases, many are asking whether or not more stores will be adding the perfume to their collections of already popular fragrances.  The reality is that finding a bottle of the Fendi fragrance is getting harder and harder.  It has got that back to retro 80s appeal, capturing a new set of yuppies and other characters without the big hair do’s, outlandish shoulders and death by woman appeal.  However, it is so powerful that any woman buying this perfume can just use a dab and get the effect of a lifetime.  For those who can ill afford the top brands and fragrance names, this one is giving even them a run for their money.

If you want a perfume that has the price of the cheap store brands, but without the sickly smells and short shelf life, then this is the perfume for you.  If you can imagine a perfume that is fit for a queen or a celebrity and want that appeal, then you can get it all with this perfume.  Never before has any cheap perfume been able to manufacture a fragrance with so much pizzazz.  If you have not gotten your bottle yet, though, you had better hurry.  You never know when demand may succumb to changes or the shelves will be refilled again.

Photo: Fendi salon in Asia  – copyright 2007, Shayork; reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License 3.0 Unported, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:HK_Landmark_Info_Counter.jpg.jpg

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