Federal Inmate Locator

Learning How To Use It

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federal inmate locator learning how to use it

If you have to find out information about someone, especially a person that is in jail in the US, you might need to use the inmate locator.  Whatever your reasons are for this research is your business, but you can get information about federal inmate locations using this tool, a service type database offered by your local or national Federal Bureau of Prisons across the Net.

The federal inmate locator lets you search the location of any federal prisoners that were imprisoned from 1982 to date.  You can also view inmate records for those who were incarcerated, but avoided prison service time for varied reasons, including charge dismissals.  As such, learning to use the locator to find federal inmate locations is fairly easy if you have the person’s information that you are looking for, but your information cannot produce good results without accurate information being provided.  So, how do you use the locator?  Simple – gather the information first, including:

  • Exact 1st and last name of the inmate spelled correctly
  • Inmate ID number (found on correspondence and records)

Your next steps in using the federal inmate locator for ascertaining federal inmate locations are straightforward.  Use your Net browser to type in the Bureau of Prisons website address.  Locate the tools tab on the website (left corner, top) and search menu for the inmate locator, clicking on the relevant link.  If you want to check information about the locator service or see what other services can be provided within it, you can find that at any time by looking at opposite top corner for ‘More Information’.  Now you can begin your search, preferably by using the ID number of the relevant inmate and the ‘Search by ID Number’ link.  Once you have pulled down the drop box close to ‘Type of Number’, choose between INS number, FBI number, DCDC number or Registry Number.  Alternatively, use the ‘Search by Name’ option if there is no ID number, entering the 1st and last names of the inmate, spelled correctly.  Do not use Boolean coding for this as there are no further advanced types of options.  Then, further filter your results from other drop down menus, including age, sex and race.  Once completed you can review your entries and press ‘Search’ found near the screen’s bottom.  The resulting page will show entries matching the criteria that you have chosen or entered.  These will be listed by Register Number, release date, sex, race and age, and will include an appropriate link for the facility that they are being held in.  If you click on the correctional facility link, you can obtain information regarding visiting times and how to contact the facility and prisoner.  Of course, there are some things that you should be aware of, which includes:

  • The list contains only inmate information for those imprisoned on federal charges
  • Non-federal inmates are violators of state or local laws and are not kept in federal facilities, but local or state prisons
  • Non-federal inmates can be found through the relevant state corrections department
  • No inmates released prior to 1982 are listed online through the Federal locator
  • To get information about those inmates that were released prior to 1982, you will have to contact the Federal Bureau of Prisons directly by mail, phone or email
  • There is only 1 federal locator for inmates that is only found on the Federal Bureau of Prisons personal website, not any commercial or private websites
  • Faux commercial inmate locators are not legitimate and may not provide accurate information, charging a fee
  • The genuine inmate federal locator requires no fee for searches

Photo: jail – public domain photo – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Mount_Eden_Prison_Frontage.jpg

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