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Fazoli’s Nutrition – How Reliable Is It?

By: - Food & Beverage - June 3, 2011
fazolis nutrition

Many people across the US are lovers of Italian food.  With a broad range of choices, from pastas to desserts, finding a good fast food type restaurant that caters to healthy eating is not always easy.  As such, one restaurant was deemed as having the healthiest choices, and as such, Fazoli’s nutrition was not just something that only those with extra dollars could afford.  Fazoli’s prices provide exceptional value for money, providing nutritional meals at a fraction of the cost of many other fast food outlets and even major restaurants.

Fazoli’s nutrition has been greatly scrutinized, as has its numerous US locations.  Usually when you eat at many fast food restaurants, you usually are guaranteed extremely high calorie and high fat meals, some of which can exceed your daily requirements numerous times over, creating a potential health risk.  Compared to the numerous fast food outlets across the country, Fazoli did not include the high sodium content and had more than one healthy choice to choose from as many of their meals are healthy by themselves.

Overall, Fazoli’s had low calorie, low fat and low cholesterol choices, including their spaghetti dish with their famous meat sauce and their salad with grilled chicken pieces and avocado, to mention a couple.  Calorie-wise, their pizza (supreme version) had the same calorie count as many low-calorie pizzas found through major weight loss groups and their spaghetti bake was well within normal limits.  Regarding sodium, the best choices were found amongst their pizzas, the famed Margherita and the one with three cheeses.  Protein are especially important to keep cells, bones and muscles healthy, as well as giving you energy and helping you feel full faster.  Recommended Fazoli’s choices include the salad with chicken, walnuts and cranberries, as well as the penne pasta dish with the Marinara sauce.

Fazoli’s nutrition and Fazoli’s prices are evenly matched.  However, you should read through their menu thoroughly before making a final decision.  In many cases, the thin crusts are far better health-wise on the pizzas than the deep dish varieties.  Tomato based versus cream based sauces help in the prevention of cancer and can reduce cholesterol levels.  All-in-all, Fazoli’s reputation as a healthy place to eat as a fast food outlet is well earned.

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