Fast Access Facial Recognition - Great Reviews

Fast Access Facial Recognition – Great Reviews

By: - Software - September 28, 2011
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If you are looking for great security software for your computer that will only allow you to log in when it recognizes your own face, look no further than Fast Access Facial Recognition. This amazing software by Sensible Vision can literally recognize your face with a camera that is hooked up to your pc.  You will be able to save a lot of time logging into your pc and even websites with no user name and no password at all.

Using sophisticated biometrics, the Fast Access Facial Recognition program can use hundred of sensors in any camera that can read the individuality of your own face.  It constantly learns and updates it records anytime paying attention to even the smallest changes on your face. In addition to keeping up with changes on your face, it also will keep up on changes in environment as well. Using this program will give you continuous security as you will not be able to log in without showing your face. If there is a problem, as a back up, there will also be password access available.

One of the coolest features of the Fast Access Facial Recognition program is it can recognize different people in your family who use the same computer. This is a great way to set up parental controls for your children as you can program the software to block or allow access to sites solely by facial recognition.

This facial recognition software is like a step up from those programs like Picasa face recognition that works only with photos. When you log into the Picasa picture sharing site and add new photos, it is pretty cool when the Picasa face recognition program can tell you exactly who is in a certain photo and tag them automatically. Similar programs are also being used for other websites like Facebook as well.

There are some limitations to programs like Picasa face recognition. For instance, you will have to manually tell the program who is who the first few times you put photos in of them. Though the program learns to recognize the faces over time, it can be frustrating when you first start out. Regardless of the frustrations you may feel, this technology is extremely cool and as we can already see is leading to better programs, like Fast Access listed above. Sometimes it really is true that the future is here right now!