Fanny Packs For Women

The Ultimate Travel Accessories

By: - Fashion - July 11, 2011
fanny packs for women the ultimate travel accessories

One of the big innovations in travel gear in the last several years was the advent of the clip on bag known commonly as ‘fanny packs’.  With durable plastic clips to secure it about your waist, it can be situated anywhere on the waist but is commonly placed toward the back, thereby instituting the name, ‘fanny pack.’  The name sounds intimidating if you’re of the female persuasion and don’t want to wear something that may seem to accentuate your middle body rather than compliment it.  But innovations in fashion mean that if you have extra items that you can’t possibly leave at home during your morning jog or on casual outings to the park and don’t feel like having to carry a bag about with these essential items, then a fanny pack for women is an ideal choice that you may wish to consider.

Since its introduction to the market, fanny packs have gained a lot of different names and titles such as lumbar packs, waist packs, belt bags, or hip packs just to name a few.  Some even call it a Joe bag, bum bag, or man bag too… no matter what your preference for a title for this important travel item, it is an indespensible item for carrying items that you need to have with you and for quick access.  Fanny packs  for women have equally generated some negative perspectives in which they are viewed as being unsightly, bulky and uncomplimentary to those that wear it, giving them the appearance of looking overweight or extra heavy in the middle.  However, with necessity comes fashion and design to make it look anything but unsightly or un-complimenting.  Fanny packs for women come in a variety of different designs and colors to suit your need for looking good while keeping your personal items on hand.  Durability too is a must in any item that is produced and packs are no exception to this rule at all.  Some come in heavy canvass and others are made of a high grade leather that can withstand the elements and keep your items safe and dry.  Colors, designs and styles of fanny packs for women have made them much more comfortable to wear, look good and let the busy mom, jogger or errand runner be prepared. While there is still an ongoing debate among many people as to whether or not packs are a hindrance to looking good, still many others maintain that for people that have a lot of essentials to carry and no where to put it, as a solution to military style cargo pants or large, bulky bags laden with items, packs are an important tool to help keep necessities at hand while permitting you to maintain hands free and get your tasks done.

With an eye toward necessity and innovation, a perfect compromise is created with stylish sensibility and importance rolled into one with fanny packs for women, and fanny packs for men.

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