Faberge Black Widow - Pawn Stars

Faberge Black Widow – Pawn Stars

By: - Television - September 27, 2011
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If you are a fan of the show “Pawn Stars”, you may have seen the episode of the show where it seemed everything got turned upside down. Many people go into the Gold Silver Pawn Shop asking to pawn their items for too much money, or way more than the items are worth. In this special case, on an episode that ran September 6, 2010 called “Getting a Head”, just the opposite happened. A very valuable Faberge black widow brooch may have been brought into the shop.

The woman who brought in the spider brooch asked Rick Harrison, one of the owners of the Gold Silver Pawn Shop for $2,000 for the brooch. After examining the black widow brooch, Rick Harrison identified it as a Faberge black widow brooch and gave her $15,000 for it. At that point, madness ensued and the internet blew up with searches about Pawn Stars Faberge brooches.

According to Google, the day after the show aired, searches for the value of the Faberge black widow brooch was in the millions and the third most popular search for that 24 hour period. What people found out, as the show had been taped previously, of course, is that the Pawn Stars Faberge brooch could easily be worth $80,000 – $150,000 or more.  People had mixed reactions to this new information. Some thought the woman should have been given more money and others thought that Rick Harrison really took advantage of the woman as he had to have known how much the brooch was worth. There was still one more party that needed to weigh in, however…the Faberge Company.

The House of Faberge came out several months after the airing of the show in January, 2011 to the magazine, Time. They say the alleged Pawn Stars Faberge brooch that is worth anywhere from $80,000 on is not a real Faberge item, Faberge never made a black widow brooch and it very well could be worth nothing.

So now the questions still remain. Where is the brooch now and how much is it really worth? Could it really be a Faberge? After all, the company lost many records from 1917 on, what if it was made after that time? Is it possible that a woman was able to get $15,000 for a possible piece of costume jewelry? No one really knows the answer to any of these questions, and if they do, they haven’t made it public.

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