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By: - Shoes - July 13, 2011
fabco shoes simply fabulous quality

Fabco Shoes is centered around New York, having its main headquarters found in Queens and over fifty four stores found across the state.  Established by two veteran footwear gurus of the discount shoe industry in 1953, it has become renowned worldwide for providing affordable and definitely fashionable shoes for kids, women and men.  In fact, every aspect of the shoemaking is done in-house, including the manufacture of the shoes, the selling of the shoes and the retail offerings of the shoes.  It has provided small town like outlets where anyone can buy Fabco shoes in a self-service type of environment.

Fabco Shoes had its very 1st store open in the city of Brooklyn, expanding later to New Jersey, Long Island and 5 New York City boroughs.  Though no longer run by its founders, its operations and vision are being carried on by the descendants of the two in what has become an amazing family-run environment.  In fact, the stores offer customers value with competitive and affordable prices for exceptionally good quality types of shoes.

Fabco’s brands ranges in style, tailored for walking and sophisticated fashionable comfort, shoes that locals know they can put their trus in.  They are quick to pick up on trendy designs and current fashions, providing customers with stylish value and good products.  Many return customers stand behind the products because of the branded shoes that have popular characters for kids on them.  Women can opt for a good selection of shoes, including student styles, boots, flats, pumps, and sandals.  Men find unparalled selections with an assortment of styles and prices to suit even the most meagre budget, ranging from top of the line winter type and work boots.  Additionally, the stores have added accessories to add further style to their fashionable footwear for families with legwear, jewellery and purses.

If you want to buy Fabco shoes, you have to look no further than you main shopping thoroughfares, malls and fashionable arcades.  Many of the stores’ best items and a few additional things can be found on their website, where customers reign supreme and customer service, shipping and specials and discounts are as important to Fabco Shoes as the shoes themselves.  If you want a quality product and you want something that even the lowliest budget can manage, Fabco no doubt has at least one pair of shoes to sooth your feet and inspire your heart.

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