Eyeslipsface Scam - scam No Cheap Makeup

Eyeslipsface Scam –Scam, No Cheap Makeup

By: - Cosmetics - October 7, 2011
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You may have gotten an e-mail in your inbox recently concerning the cosmetic line known as Eyeslipsface or elf. This eyeslipsface scam, in the form of an e-mail, states that the e.l.f. brand will be repackaged and you will be able to get this make up for just $1 at any Nordstrom or Bloomingdales location. Additionally, the eyeslipsface scam continues by having you go to a specific website and stating if you enter a secret password, you will be able to save money off of your first order. Though this sounds like an amazing deal, there is only one problem…it isn’t true.

This eyeslipsface scam is truly a scam.  The elf company is privately owned and is always $1 for most items. If you go to the website given in the e-mail, you likely will end up giving a complete stranger your credit card or bank account information potentially opening yourself up to losing a lot of money. What this all comes down to is you should never give your financial information to any e-mail forward or any site that is not 100% legit. Always make sure the site is real before entering anything, even your e-mail address.

When it actually comes to the Eyeslipsface brand, elf makeup reviews are average. Most people state you get what you pay for with this cosmetic line. Though there are many positive reviews and many negative reviews, most are somewhere in the middle. When looking at websites that give stars for reviews, elf makeup reviews tend to be in the 3/5 star range. Many customers have actually written out elf makeup reviews as well and they may be worth a read before purchasing.

One customer stated that the elf makeup is cheap, it flakes and the colors on the website do not match the color you get. Another reviewer states that they have used the elf eyeliner. They said it smudges easily but by using a setting spray they were able to make it last longer. This same customer said they were satisfied with the product since it was cheap, but they would have been angry if they paid a lot of money for the products. Yet another reviewer stated that the elf brand is hit and miss. Sometimes you can get great products and other times, the product is horrible. Since elf is fairly cheap, it may be worth a look if you want to check it out for yourself.