Eyelash Growth Products

By: - Beauty - February 14, 2011
eyelash growth products

Having long eyelashes seem to be the goal of a lot of women recently as these eyelash growth products and extensions have hit the market. Products like the Lattisse eyelash extensions and growth serum have been taking over the market of eyelash care. Not all these products are good but they promise you that you are going to grow your own natural lashes longer in a few weeks and strengthen them as well. For ladies and gentlemen who have brittle eyelashes and have always wanted their own set of beautiful lashes these eyelash growth products and eyelash extensions have been more than a dream come true. How can you know which ones really work and which ones don’t? After researching reviews from customers for these eyelash enhancing products, these 2 listed (1 of each eyelash growth and eyelash extension products)have been chosen as the 2 most popular and the 2 with the greatest reviews and raves. (Well worth their costs)

LiLash has been used by thousands of woman around the world. They offer you a 90 day money back guarantee and free shipping if you buy the product off of their official site. This is the safest of the eyelash growth products so far and even works for those who have sensitive eyes. It has been proven to increase the growth and thickening of your eyelashes in 90 days and there have been very few cases of eye irritation compared to other products. The only problem with this product is that it is 140.00. Since they give you a money back guarantee, it wouldn’t hurt to try this product out for 90 days.

EnVogueLashes has been the leader of eyelash extension products since 2006-2007. They specialize in eyelash extensions that you can purchase and apply at home. They have a sample video on their site that shows you how to do it and basically it’s like getting hair extensions for your eyelashes. The lashes are glued onto your eyelashes and you can add as many as you want for your own preference of thickness. It is so cool how this company has made eyelash extension products so easy to use that is no wonder why they are loved by people around the country. They sell professional eyelash extension kits that actually have enough lashes inside to go on 500-600 different people. This is great if you are good at doing them and have your own business helping people out with their eyelashes and they even have kits that you can use for yourself personally if you don’t want to stock up on eyelashes and just want to try them out. There products are loved by ladies and gentlemen all over the world and they even train you how to use them.

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