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Which Type To Buy?

By: - Fitness Equipment - February 14, 2011
exercise bike reviews

Everyone knows that exercise is one of the key ways to a healthier body and mind and it is also a great way to have fun and lose any excess weight one may have at the same time. Power walking and cycling are two of the most commonly undertaken forms of exercise but, for many of us, time is a crucial factor in our day to day lives and actually getting up and going out to cycle or walk on a daily basis is just too much to ask.

A home gym could be the answer to your problem. By purchasing an exercise bike it will always be ready for you to use whenever you have the time and you will not even need to leave home to use it. Exercise biking has really taken off recently and in this article we will give you some exercise bike reviews to help you buy the right bike for your needs.

As there are so many exercise biking products on the market, exercise bike reviews are not easy, but we will set out the basics of the two most common models available – the recumbent and the upright. Note that there are some bikes which have a built-in back support (the recumbent), while others have the ability to improve one’s core strength (the upright).

If you think you need an exercise bike with good back support, choose what is called a recumbent bike, as these models have a backrest which you can rest your back against while cycling. As this form of bike does not make use of one’s abs or back muscles, it does not give one an overall good workout. Recumbent bikes are relatively expensive.

A stationary or upright bike looks more like a bike you would see on the street. This model has two major plus factors. One is that you burn many more calories using this type of bike as opposed to a recumbent bike, mainly because one has to balance while pedaling; and this is the bike which improves your core strength.

More interesting choices discussed in exercise bike reviews are those uprights which have connections to TVs and video game consoles and those with built-in screens for the viewing of TV or the ability to access the internet while exercising, while also offering a choice of music and many other advanced systems. These are, of course, the most expensive choice.

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