Eustachian Tube Dysfunction Treatment Help Repair Damaged To Eardrum Area

eustachian tube dysfunction treatment help repair damaged to eardrum area

Eustachian tube dysfunction treatment may include relieving pressure in the ear area as well as using medication.
Eustachian Tube Dysfunction also known as ear barotrauma is discomfort and possible damage to the ear drum area.

Bartolomeo Eustachi who lived in the sixteenth century, well known by his Latin name Eustachian, was one of the founding fathers of human anatomy. Aside from accurately studying the anatomy of the teeth and discovering the adrenal gland, he also extended his study of the internal ear and rediscovered and described correctly the Eustachian tube which was named after him.

The Eustachian tube is the tender tubular linkage of the middle ear to the pharynx and can be found starting from a part of the middle ear. But just like the other parts of the body, susceptible to different microorganisms and affected by irregularities of parts surrounding it may lead to the Eustachian tube’ s being prone to infection leading to dysfunction and the like.

The most probable reason behind Eustachian tube dysfunction symptoms happens due to recurring and chronic cases of sinus infection which possibly results from too much mucus excretion that leads to the clogging of the Eustachian tubes’ openings.

Since some Eustachian tube dysfunctions symptoms are related to allergies, nasal sprays could also be used for this impairment arising from the common cold and eardrops for ear infections. Anti- allergy medications or antihistamines can be taken prior to a doctor’s advice.

There are several natural Eustachian tube dysfunction treatments that can be recommended as an alternative. If arose out of ambient air pressure problems, make swallowing or gulping-like manner to set the throat muscles in motion and open the Eustachian tube. The good old chewing gum can also help to exercise the jaw muscles to cure this. The common grasping for air or yawning with a close mouth is also listed as a natural Eustachian tube dysfunction treatment and can also relieve Eustachian tube clogging.

Another natural remedy is by drinking a solution of salt and warm water or “saline” to get rid of any blocking that causes the Eustachian tube’ s abnormal functions. It helps to also pinch the nostrils and blowing hard without opening the mouth. The air pressure should open the Eustachian tube and if popping sound was heard, it was a success although this procedure is not advised more often to avoid more harm to the Eustachian tube.
Natural Eustachian tube dysfunction treatment may relieve temporary discomforts and even help in moderate cases of Eustachian tube dysfunction symptoms. Consulting a specialist in this particular abnormal functioning may help in the Eustachian tube dysfunction treatment. Self-medication is not recommended because such impairment is quite dangerous if disregarded.

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