Eue Screen Gems - Filmmaking Outside Of California

EUE Screen Gems – Filmmaking Outside Of California

By: - Television - September 23, 2011
eue screen gems %E2%80%93 filmmaking outside of california

EUE Screen Gems is a film studio that has locations in New York, NY, Wilmington, NC and most recently, a studio being built in Atlanta, GA. In addition to movie filmmaking, EUE Screen Gems develops, produces, markets and distributes all types of media that is filmed, including television and web based media. With several well known shows being done by EUE Screen Gems, such as “One Tree Hill” and “Dawson’s Creek” they are well known in the entertainment industry. Other shows, like “Rachel Ray” is distributed at the New York, NY location of the company.

The Wilmington, NC location is the largest production and film facility outside of California. It is open to the public for tours and holds all of the sets for “One Tree Hill”. This location has been producing films for the studio since 1984 when it was purchased by Dino De Laurentiis. George Cooney bought the studio location in 1990 and expanded it, adding a total of 10 sound stages including a state of the art water tank that holds 90,000 gallons. If that wasn’t enough, this studio keeps on expanding.

In 2010, the studio signed a deal with the city of Atlanta, GA for a 50 year lease for Screen Gems Atlanta. They are building on the Lakewood Fairgrounds and the building will be used as a film and television studio. There are many historic structures around the fairground which will be used in their productions and there is also a large sound stage being constructed.

Screen Gems Atlanta has been opened for about a year and already has a full schedule of productions. A new stage is also in production which is slated to be used for filming pilots for the 2012 television season. Screen Gems Atlanta is quite welcome by the city of Atlanta, GA as it is stimulating the economy in a difficult economic time all over the US. This studio also hires about 300 people on a full time basis, so it is also helping ease Atlanta’s unemployment numbers.

With an additional studio in Los Angeles, CA, this studio and production system is taking the entertainment field by storm and more movies and television shows are expected to be produced by them than ever before. The future is only looking bright for this studio and as the years pass, it will surely grow due to the idea there are locations all over the US, especially in places like Atlanta, GA and Wilmington, NC, where film studios traditionally were never thought to be.

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