Ethernet Crossover Cable

Is It Important?

By: - Consumer Electronics - April 6, 2011
ethernet crossover cable

For those who have more than one computer in their home and are looking to establish an internet connection between the two, using an Ethernet crossover cable is very important. Generally, people believe that connecting two computing peripherals with each other can only be done with the help of a network switch, which is not the case. The general cable that you use to connect your computer with your internet device is known as an Ethernet cable. So, what is the difference between a normal Ethernet cables as compared to an Ethernet crossover cable?

In each set of an Ethernet crossover cable, there are eight pins. This is important because you must check that all of these pins are intact on either sides when you go to make a purchase. Unlike the standard Ethernet cable, this crossover cable is used to set up a network connection between two computers or laptops, so that internet connectivity can be shared on both the peripherals. This small setup might also be referred to as Local Area Network (LAN), if the crossover cable is used to join more than two computers.

One of the very famous crossover cables that are generally used in companies and offices is the t1 crossover cable. This cable has gained a lot of fame for being sturdy and providing high speed internet connectivity to users. It supports a maximum data transfer of 100 MBPS, which means that if you have an internet connection that is as fast as the maximum supported speed, you will get the same speed with minimal losses.

Commercially, the t1 crossover cable is hugely important, and it is mainly used in gaming zones as well as internet cafes. Because they are physically strong and do not require replacement very often, many shopkeepers and entrepreneur tend to opt for establishing LAN connections in their offices with the help of the t1 crossover cable. However, if you are thinking of connecting your computer to a node that is located outside the building, physical factors must be taken in to view and these crossover cables should be provided apt protection to ensure that they are not easily damaged. Any break or damage within the cable will affect data transfer, and you would soon begin to see a marked difference in your internet speed. Therefore, donning a protective coating over your cables might be a good way to protect them from birds or factors such as rain.