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By: - Health & Fitness - April 29, 2011
epsom salts benefits

Epsom salt is named for a spring located at Epsom in Surrey, England. Epsom salt is actually a pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate not a salt as the name would suggest. This compound has been long known as a natural remedy for a number of ailments as well as having many beauty, household and gardening uses. The fact that this compound is easily absorbed by the skin makes it ideal for usage in ‘bath’ treatments. Magnesium has been linked to a number of useful medicinal roles such as reducing inflammation, preventing the hardening of arteries, and helping the functioning of muscles and nerves, while sulfates help in greatly improving the absorption of nutrients, easing migraines and flushing toxins.

It has been believed since long that among Epsom salts benefits are its ability to relax the nervous system, cure skin afflictions, ease aching muscles and back pain, healing cuts and treating congestion and cold. Scientific studies demonstrate that stress drains the body of magnesium while increasing the adrenaline levels in the body. Epsom salt is thus used to restore the level of magnesium in the body which also helps in producing serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical within the brain that elevates the mood and gives a sense of calmness and relaxation. Also boosted is the production of ATP’s which is energy made in the cells. Thus, Epsom salts benefit the body by giving a feeling of calmness and energy and improve sleep and concentration and lower the blood pressure.

Experts also advise on the use of Epsom salts in the treatment of sore muscles since they are known to east pain and relieve inflammation and even soften skin and neutralize foot odor. This is because Epsom salts benefit the functioning of muscles, nerves and enzymes within the body by regulating the electrolytes. It is also believed that health of the heart and reducing the possibility of strokes can be achieved by using Epsom salts since they lower the blood pressure and improve blood circulation by maintaining the elasticity of the arteries and thus preventing any clotting from taking place. Along with prevention of heart disease Epsom salts lower the risk of diabetes as well as optimal magnesium and sulfate levels within the body increase the effectiveness of insulin. Studies also suggest that among its properties is that of detoxifying agent which means that it acts as a laxative and relieves constipation. This detoxifying nature also helps flush toxins and heavy metals from the body cells which reduces the body’s exposure to harmful substances.

Whether someone is just looking to enhance their beauty in a natural way or just likes a relaxing soak Epsom salts truly are a wonder remedy.

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