Endometriosis Acupuncture

Managing Symptoms

By: - Women's Issues - August 8, 2011
endometriosis acupuncture managing symptoms

There are several symptoms associated with the condition known as endometriosis.  It is a condition in which cells that are typically found on the interior walls of the uterus are found growing in tissue outside of the uterus.  These cells can attach themselves to tissues such as  old scar tissue, the fallopian tubes, bladder, intestinal walls and the lining of the pelvis.  While the same cells that are in the uterus are purged each month in what is known as the monthly menstruation cycle, the other cells growing outside of the uterus don’t have the ability to purge themselves and are subsequently absorbed into the body.

Although the precise causes of endometriosis is not clear or fully understood, there have been developments in the area of treatment of the condition through traditional medicine or more to the point, traditional Chinese medicine.  Specifically, endometriosis acupuncture has proven effective in the treatment of the symptoms associated with endometriosis.   There are several symptoms to which endometriosis can be blamed.   Of the five to seven million women between the ages of thirty and forty, painful sessions during sex, medical examinations, bad cramps prior to and during menstruation, and even urination or bowel movements can be a sign of the condition which in some cases will inhibit the woman’s ability to conceive.

For some women, the symptoms such as painful sexual intercourse sessions, bad cramps as painful pre menstrual and menstrual condition aren’t experienced at all, while others have to endure the entire scenario of bad cramps, back pain, fatigue, troubles passing urine or bowel movements.  Through the use of traditional Chinese medicine, specifically endometriosis acupuncture, many of these symptoms and even the difficulty in conception can be averted to an extent.  Each application of endometriosis acupuncture can last between twenty minutes to forty-five minutes and alleviate most of the pain, clearing the way for better blood flow, more relaxed physiology and less fatigue.  Taken in conjunction with endometriosis IVF treatment, studies have shown that more than eighty-one percent of women who underwent endometriosis acupuncture while being treated with endometriosis IVF were able to conceive than women in the same study who did not.  This is not to say that any woman with endometriosis cannot conceive, rather that their difficulty in conception is more difficult.

Endometriosis IVF treatment in and of itself is effective to a point but a diet of a hormone releasing agent called Ganadrotrophin  (GnRH) for a period of at least half a year prior to endometriosis IVF treatment can help facilitate better conception for those afflicted with endometriosis and find conception difficult.   Taken all together though, it is difficult to pin point with accuracy what condition you are experiencing as some of the symptoms such as bad cramps and painful intercourse, urination and bowel movements to name a few may overlap with other serious health concerns as well.  It is therefore advised that you obtain a more professional opinion from qualified medical staff to ascertain what the issue is more precisely before considering alternative medicines or conception treatment.

The ideal means by which you can treat, manage and understand your predicament is to always listen to what your body is telling you.  Careful research into symptomology via the internet with isolated questions regarding specific issues may provide some cursory information on possible causes of any form of physiology that is not usual, doesn’t feel right or results in pain.  Maintaining a careful record of your body and any questions that you may have when you enter into your doctor’s office for a check up will do wonders both for you and the physician to consider causes, treatment and management of this and other issues.

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