Emotional Intelligence Quiz - What Does It Tell You

Emotional Intelligence Quiz – What Does It Tell You?

By: - Psychology - October 6, 2011
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Over the past few years, emotional intelligence quizzes and tests have really taken the internet by storm. Though the emotional intelligence quiz has been around in some form for many years, the late 1990s really brought wide spread knowledge and awareness of this research. Also known as an emotional quotient test, or EQ test, the measures your ability to perceive, evaluate and control emotions. Though some people believe we are born with a set emotional intelligence or quotient, others believe it can be taught or learned.

There are four factors that are measured when taking an emotional intelligence quiz. The first of these is the ability of the test taker to perceive emotion. When you are able to perceive emotion, it is thought that you will be able to understand emotion. Much of the perception of the emotions of others come from the non verbal cues they send out, not so much what they communication verbally. The second aspect that is measured in an emotional quotient test is the ability of a person to use emotions to begin the thinking and cognitive processes. In other words, when we feel emotions, it tells us what we need to react to and when.

The third part of the emotional intelligence quiz is the ability to understand emotions. This takes the first part mentioned above to a whole different level. In this part of the measurement, it is essentially the ability of a person to understand that one perceived emotion may actually have different meanings than they are first considering. For instance, if you go into work and your boss is acting angry, there could be many reasons for it. She could have gotten into a fender bender on the way to work, gotten into a fight with her husband this morning or she could be upset with your own performance. Though a person can certainly perceive emotion, they cannot interpret the cause of the emotion sometimes.

The fourth part of the emotional quotient test is the ability to manage your emotions in general, but more importantly, it measures the ability to manage your emotions effectively and in a healthy way. The way in which you manage your own emotions, how you respond to others emotions and how appropriate these responses are, all come into play to measure your emotional intelligence.

If you are interested in learning more about your own emotional quotient, there are many quizzes available on the internet at your disposal.

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