Electric Throw Blanket - Safe Use For Comfortable Winters

Electric Throw Blanket – Safe Use For Comfortable Winters

By: - Product Reviews - July 12, 2011
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Among the many items people use to stay warm during the winter, electric blankets often play a prominent role in providing that warmth.  Many people own an electric throw blanket and use them without issue, staying warm without injury or harm to themselves or their loved ones.  There are, however, some concerns that have been brought about in recent years regarding their safety.  With a bit of caution and research, however, there is no reason that such blankets cannot be used safely, keeping owners warm and safe on even the coldest of nights.

Perhaps the topic most frequently on people’s minds regarding electric throw blankets in the past has been that of Electromagnetic Fields and their effects on the bodies of people who use an electric throw blanket.  People grew concerned that electronic products might have been contributing to an increase in cancer and thought that electric blankets might have been playing a role in such illnesses due to the proximity of their electronic components to the bodies of their users.  While a significant concern for several years and an ongoing issue among some who have not been fully educated on the topic, the government reviewed hundreds of documents that suggested that the electronic fields created by such devices had absolutely no effect on users.  As such, there is no need to worry that your electronic blankets may in any way interfere with your health in a negative way.

There are, however, some serious concerns that surround the use of such devices.  As electronic devices, electric throw blankets are prone to failure in some extreme circumstances.  While rare, it is possible that such a device might have a malfunction that could injure through electrocution by exposure to certain elements of the blanket.  In addition, similarly rare occurrences may result in fires that, if not addressed immediately, may spread to other parts of a house.  As such, only individuals who are capable of dealing with such rare but serious circumstances should operate an electric throw blanket.  They should not be used on infants, small children, the handicapped, or anyone unable to protect themselves should such a malfunction occur.

This is not to say that such devices cannot be used carelessly by those who are completely physically capable and who have no apparent reasons not to use electric throw blankets.  It is very possible to get overheated by such devices if they are used directly against the skin or if they are placed under an insulating stack of additional blankets.  They should always be on top of any other blankets being used, and those who are prone to overheating should be cautious in using them with other blankets while sleeping. They should also never be used by women that are pregnant.

If used properly there is no reason to be concerned about your personal safety when using electric blankets.  They are perfectly safe devices and can be very beneficial to their users when used properly.  There are, however, certain things that must be taken under consideration.  Never use electric blankets on those who cannot react to protect themselves if shocked or if overheated by them.  In addition, those who can react to such circumstances should be mindful of the placement of their electric blankets in relation to others they are using.  Staying warm in the colder months often requires the use of special devices.  With a little caution anyone can implement such tools safely and to their own benefit.