Electric Snow Shovel

Easier Or Harder Work?

By: - Home & Family - July 8, 2011
electric snow shovel easier or harder work

Snow is one of those things we love to view, love to ski in and love to keep outside of our homes.  However, there are times when you may wish that you had an electric snow shovel, something to stop those hours of back breaking work, shoveling snow piles and drifts by hand.  Electric snow shovels are a huge delight for many people, especially those living in the snowbelts of the United States and Canada where heavy snow can accumulate over lengthy winters, getting above five feet deep and even drift up to 15 or more feet in height, burying cars, home entrances and more.

Is the electric snow shovel as glorious as it appears? Well, practically speaking, a snow shovel is the same as a snow blower because that is all that electric snow shovels do.  They blow the snow to one side, throwing it to somewhere that is more practical for you.  Regardless of what you want to call it, it can be a very cumbersome machine to use, resembling a cross between a gas run mower and a large vacuum because in a sense you are vacuuming up the snow and moving elsewhere.  So, as it has it, someone in the their wisdom came up with a machine that was finally more practical, easier to use and avoided the hassles found with the larger and more bulky old-fashioned versions.  That is where the top producer of power tools for the outdoors came into play, creating a tiny enough motor with enough power to run a shovel that was as feather light as the smallest mower.  Apparently, on average this little monster moves about two hundred pounds of heavy snow, throwing it about fifteen feet out of your way.  So, don’t forget to tell your neighbours to duck as you walk passed them whilst blowing the snow!

The electric snow shovel does require some effort on your part – you have to move it about by sliding it across the ground, which it does easily.  You still will have a substantial workout, which means that if you have respiratory or heart conditions, using any electric snow shovels may not decrease your risks of over-exertion.  Realistically, it takes about the same amount of effort as using a vacuum cleaner with the pushing being the easiest part as the machine chews your snow.  However, if your snow is exceptionally wet, it reduces the ability of the machine to work and it will take much longer.  Bottom line – snow shovels are worth buying.  They can move snow quickly and easily.  They are affordable and they last for a long time.  However, again, you need some level of fitness to handle one and if you have to move wet snow, get someone else to do it for you because the electrical versions work their best work in drier or more crystalline conditions.

Photo: snow shovel – public domain photo – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Shovelling_Snow,_USAF.jpg

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