Electric Razor Scooter

Putting A New Spin On Fun

By: - Automotive - July 8, 2011
electric razor scooter putting a new spin on fun

You want to get around the neighborhood to visit friends or run errands for your parents but you’re too young for those huge motor bikes with screaming engines and too old for the typical pedal bike.  What are your options?  Travel on foot, taxi or by bus, or by a revolutionary means of transit that is the perfect compromise between those large Harley Davidsons or the tiny kiddie bike – the Electric Razor Scooter.

Just what exactly is an Electric Razor Scooter?  It is a modification built upon the old kick style scooter as first created by a company called JDBUG and it was popularized by Razor  in the 1990’s and early 2000’s and it still has some styles available for purchase to this day.  Created by a company called RazorUSA and located in Cerritos, California, it has many uses ranging from a simple toy for fast fun to practical applications.

There are many different varieties of electric Razor scooters available today such as the Cruiser Scooter, the Ultra Pro models, the A5 Lux scooter with wheels that are the largest of the scooter line at 200mm, and the AW just to name a few that you can choose from.  Typically, it is constructed of a durable aluminum frame, a flexible fender over the back wheel.  Both the head bar and the handlebars can be collapsed and folded away to make electric scooters  a compact, easily stored machine that you can open up and be utilizing in a snap.  The fender in the back of the electric scooter further functions as a brake and it is operated simply by placing your foot on it and applying the right amount of pressure for either the slow stops or rapid stops in short distances.  It is advisable to travel on your electric scooter in a safe speed and in an open area if your are planning on accelerating to avoid collisions with other vehicles or people.

Owing to  the increased popularity of electric Razor scooters today, a new sport has ensured called Freestyle scootering and the result has been some innovative changes to the electric Razor scooter to meet the demands and the rigors of the sport.  Many electric scooter freestyle enthusiasts have modified the scooter to withstand high impacts performed with higher levels of force.  In reaction to the growing sport of freestyle scootering, Razor has introduced the Pro model scooter to the market that features much of the alterations that Razor scooter enthusiasts need in order to participate with minimal damage to their machines.

Further to the development of the Pro model which was an enhancement of the now discontinued  B line series is the Ultra Pro model electric Razor scooter.  This was first made available to the public in 2008 and has as part of its features a design that is one piece engineered to withstand high impacts and maintain its durability.

The result of the advent of electric Razor scooters on the market has not only made simple errands easier to complete, but has also created a sport that has thousands of followers today performing a lot of freestyle stunts on an enhanced electric scooter developed  for the task.  With hours of enjoyment and simple usage, many swear by the effectiveness and practicable usage of this amazing machine that is guaranteed to remain on the market for years and possibly generations to come.

Photo: scooter – public domain photo – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Brammo.enertia.blue.JPG

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