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More Than Meets The Eye

By: - Food & Beverage - July 8, 2011
electric meat slicer more than meets the eye

When considering getting an electric meat slicer, knowing the proper way of buying electric meat slicers  and learning how to find one that meets your needs best is important.  You will find the information contained herein to not only be practical, but useful.  In the end you could end up with a meat slicer that electrically charges your world without the added costs of buying pre-cut meats from a store.  You may even learn to make your own meats and cured meats and save even more money.  Ready to find out how?

Quite often a family dinner is not complete without the Sunday roast, a pork loin, a sirloin roast or even a Welsh style lamb.  Even after the meat has cooled and the leftovers are ready to eat, slicing through all of that meat is not the easiest thing to do without a good quality meat slicer.  The reality is that in many families, women succumb to the age old tradition of letting the man carve the meat, but what if he is not there? Some women are good with carving knives, but the risk of creating uneven and odd sized slices are high.  You could even cut yourself! Electric meat slicers were designed to take the guess work and most of the danger out of slicing meat.  Not only can it be used for roast dinners, but if you have some cured meats or sausages, what nicer thing to have than freshly sliced cold cuts.  You can do this with this ideal machine.

You have a number of choices when it comes to buying a meat slicer.  The manual versions are affordable and quite efficient.  Your average slicer for the home has an easy cleaning blade, a plate to set the thickness of the cut, a pusher to push the food and a food carriage to hold everything together, but again you have to push and watch carefully.  The advantage of buying an electric meat slicer is that everything is done for you and there is no risk of you pushing to hard, too slow or even getting in the way of the blade.  Prices for good quality electric meat slicers vary, but are considerably more expensive than the manual version.  They have varied sizes of blades with speed and power that improve greatly the more money you spend.  If you want a slicer that handles other things, not just meat, then you can pay a little bit more and get a slicer that will make sandwich making a breeze, cutting your bread, cheese and whatever else you need sliced.  All you need to do is add mayo… However, the bottom line is that the better quality slicer will do a much better job than the manual cheaper ones and it will last substantially longer.

Photo: electric meat slicer – copyright 2006, Brett L. – reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License 2.0, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Meat_slicer.jpg

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