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By: - Cooking - July 8, 2011
electric crepe maker finding the best

Crepes have become a veritable staple in the diet of many families across the country.  Recipes abound that can tantalize the taste buds or torture the culinary sense of smell for anyone who has to wait before the crepe is ready.  Traditionally it was a fairly long process to create the ideal crepe however in recent years the advent of the electric crepe maker has virtually cut that wait time and the process in half.  As a consequence of this thankful advent in cooking technology, electric crepe makers are much sought after across the country as a means to a pleasant end.

There are several electric crepe makers currently on the market, and the only question that the consumer has to wonder is, which one is the right one for me?  Do I just run out and purchase any old electric crepe maker or do I form a discriminating preference?  The answer is clear.  First, as an alternative to the use of the traditional skillet and spatula the crepe maker is a must, however there are some features that you must consider when looking to purchase one for the home.

No one hates anything more than having to scrape the intended contents off of a hot plate, even a crepe maker.  The answer then is to find one that has a non-stick surface.  This will help you distribute the batter for your crepes across the surface easier, makes it easier to remove the finished product and of course, for the dishwasher in the house, a non-stick crepe maker will help the dish washer clean its surface easier after use.

There are many different varieties of crepe makers available on the market to suit your choice in how to make them with ease, speed and in accordance with your preference to the size of the crepes. Some can make seven inch crepes and others will make one that is a full 12 inches in size.  Again, it depends on the person and the appetite.

Of course, the standard means of making your crepes is far more economical to the cost of a crepe maker, however, the ease and speed by which you can make an ideal crepe for yourself and your family easily offsets the cost of crepe makers for near everyone.   There are fairly inexpensive electric crepe makers on the market and as well, there are crepe makers that are more expensive for the higher output required.

Nonetheless, the easy way that you can make your idea crepe for friends and family with your electric crepe maker will be an instant hit over and over again.

Photo: crepe maker – copyright 2011, Nightscream – reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License 3.0 Unported, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Cr%C3%AApe_opened_up.jpg

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