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Finding Restaurants With High Quality

By: - Food & Beverage - July 25, 2011
el torito locations finding restaurants with high quality

Are you an existing admirer of the featured foods delivered delicious and piping hot to your table in the El Torito restaurant chain?  Have you heard so much about the fine dining at El Torito locations and interested enough to want to try?  When visiting the sunny state of California, you’ll find a wide range of locations near you to satiate that hungry appetite and demanding taste in fine Mexican cuisine that you can only get at El Torito, but with assistance of the El Torito locator, you life has just become easier.

First founded in Encino, California in 1954, the El Torito restaurant chain has been the leader in fine Mexican cuisine for more than fifty years, becoming an entrenched staple in the diet of many Californians and even stretching the great taste of Mexican dining overseas in such exotic climes as Turkey, Japan and the Middle East.  Since its humble founding more than fifty years ago, El Torito has maintained its prestige within the Mexican dining community through its commitment to quality.  Creating its Mexican dishes from scratch and using only the freshest quality foods, the meals served fresh and delicious to you at any of the sixty-nine El Torito locations will keep you coming back time after time and recommending it to anyone who will listen.  So, you’ve found the restaurant that will answer the demanding appetite that you’ve got, but the other question is, just where can you find one quick when that raging appetite starts beaconing?  The solution is as simple as the click of a mouse at your computer with the El Torito locator.  You’ll find sixty-nine locations mainly in southern California to answer the call to dine with the locator.

The El Torito lunch menu that you receive when you sit yourself at any of our sixty-nine comfortable restaurants will feature plenty of well priced meals for brunch, half priced pronto lunch meals, and gourmet dinners and El Torito even delivers excellent meals with the happy hour specials after a hard day at the office or worksite with the gang.  Every fine meal that you eat while dining at El Torito locations were created by our prize-winning chef Pepe Lopez.  His excellence in culinary design features red-hot fajitas, Mexican combination platters, tomales made by hand, tacos and unforgettable enchiladas.  Do you fancy a hot gourmet meal?  El Torito restaurants have a call for that huge thirst with a long, comprehensive list of fine wines, imported and domestic beers and a colorful selection of Margaritas if you’re feeling particularly exotic.  Did you ever think you could find all that with the El Torito locator? Well, now you can.

Photo: fajita – copyright 2006, Elisa Arteaga – reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License 2.0 Generic, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Flickr_elisart_324248450–Beef_and_chicken_fajitas.jpg