Buying Diamonds

By: - Jewelry - September 7, 2011
egl vs gia buying diamonds

If you have ever bought a diamond, you may have found that it was either EGL or GIA certified, but do you know what this means? Basically, as the name implies, EGL vs GIA are just two ways of certifying diamonds. It is similar to asking two people to taste a prize winning pie. One people may say it is the best pie they have ever had, another may disagree and rate it a bit lower. The problem with the EGL vs GIA debate is there can be a big price difference in the certification which can hurt you, as the buyer, in the wallet. Knowing more information about the GIA vs EGL debate may help you decide which is better for you.

In all honesty, there is absolutely no difference at all between GIA vs EGL. They are both competent organizations and take their jobs seriously. They could care less how much a diamond could sell for, their only priority is to make sure the diamond is graded per their own standards. What it really comes down to is the supplier and the amount of time it takes for turn around. For instance, a raw diamond needs certified and the supplier knows that it will take 6 weeks to get it back from GIA, but only 2 weeks from EGL. The supplier will send the raw diamond to the place where they will get it back quicker, so they will choose GIA. Time is money in this case and waiting longer for the diamond to get back to them certified is time they could use to sell that diamond and make money. If they send it to GIA, they will upsell the diamond and charge more money since they had to wait longer to get it back.

There are people who of course tend to go to one side in the GIA vs EGL debate. Perhaps they just have some kind of person reason for liking one side or another, but you should not believe anyone who says one is better than the other, it is simply not true. Typically in the EGL vs GIA debate you will find EGL certification will always be cheaper just because of the time it takes to certify. If we really look at it closely, there is really no debate at all when it comes to diamonds. These certifications are perfectly equal except for processing time.