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By: - Jewelry - May 5, 2011
edwardian engagement rings

Some of the most popular rings for couples today are Edwardian engagement rings. They are reminiscent of an era gone by, yet they still speak of love as well as they did in their original times. These rings usually have vintage gemstones in them, and some show more traditional western cuts. The modern favorite style of vintage engagement rings may include spherical diamonds, for extra glitter.

Some Edwardian engagement rings include amethysts or nuggets of pearl. Some also are adorned with peridots, which are green or white colored. Violet colored gemstones add an excellent touch of color to the rings, when they are used. As compared to the expense of diamonds, sapphires may be used in these vintage rings, or you may find rings with one or more diamonds in the center and a ring of gemstones surrounding the middle.

You may also find replications of these rings, if you cannot afford the originals, but want the style. It’s more easy to locate replicas of vintage engagement rings, since the original rings are highly prized and thus may be in an expensive price range. You can sometimes find the original rings at auctions or estate sales. Online auctions may offer them as well, but you will want to check on the seller, since they may not know they have replicas and not original rings. Some internet sellers offer vintage rings on their websites, but you will also want to confirm with them that these are original Edwardian engagement rings, unless you will be happy with a replica.

Edwardian rings sometimes have an extensive carat weight, since they may have a higher quantity of the expensive stones. Platinum may be found as the core metal of some engagement rings, and this is a durable metal that lasts well. Edwardian style jewelry is very sophisticated, as compared to other styles, with elaborate designs and intricate stone placement. The depth of filigree used in these vintage engagement rings is unrivaled by almost any other style.

Genuine Edwardian rings may cost more than many other styles of engagement rings, but some couples find the extra cost worth it, since the rings are virtually one of a kind. There is nothing wrong with purchasing replicas of the original Edwardian rings, if you and your bride-to-be like the style but can’t afford the real thing. There are some types of replicas that are nearly as stunning as the originals, and their price tags make them much more affordable for many young couples just starting out.

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