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By: - Legal - September 29, 2011
eddie long settlement finding mediation

Eddie Long, the charismatic Bishop of the large congregation with some twenty-five thousand members known as New Birth Missionary Baptist church, has recently undergone a very large tribulation in which he had been accused of alleged sexual misconduct against four younger male members of his ministry.  In a message to his congregation regarding the matter, Mr. Long resolved to fight the accusations in court; however, recent events have unfolded in which the ensuing legal challenge has all but ended in what is being called the Eddie Long Settlement.

In Eddie Long mediation with the four men who have accused him of the alleged sexual misconduct, a resolution has been reached and no further legal actions will be undertaken.  Under the terms of the Eddie Long settlement, neither of the parties to the action is to reveal the terms, the conditions or the structure of the agreement.  Before the Eddie Long mediation occurred, the men who had brought the matter before court swore in an affidavit filed at the courthouse that Mr. Long had used his position and his prestige to lure them into relationships of a sexual nature.  Not all of the defendants were party to the Eddie Long mediation or to the Eddie Long settlement.  Allegedly, Mr. Centino Kemp undertook to reach an Eddie Long settlement on his own, however did not make mention of any of the details of the Eddie Long mediation to news sources.  Though the ministry of Eddie long has been accused of corruption in which huge monetary sums were given him through the payroll of the Birth Renewal Baptist Ministry, he continues to preach to his congregation with the hopes that the Eddie Long mediation and the resultant Eddie Long settlement will be a chapter that he can put behind him.

Although this has not been the first such event in which high profile religious luminaries have endured gossip or been caught out engaging in questionable sexual activities, it will not be the last.  The Eddie Long mediation and the Eddie Long settlement only stipulate the conclusion of this particular episode that has dogged the religious and political community since time immemorial.

Photo: local court house – copyright 2011, Daniel Mayer – reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License 3.0 Unported, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:DeKalb_County,_Georgia_Court_House.JPG

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