Dysport Side Effects - New Botox

Dysport Side Effects – New Botox?

By: - Beauty - September 2, 2011
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You may have heard the name and it’s comparison to Botox, but what is Dysport? Dysport is actually very similar to Botox and is used similarly as a way to smooth other wrinkles. Injected into the muscle like Botox, it has been used in Europe, South America and Australia for several years and has been approved for use in the US since 2009. The difference between Dysport and Botox is that Dysport is approved to be injected deeper into the muscle meaning it can last longer than the typical Botox treatment.

Are you wondering what is Dysport made of exactly? Again, like Botox it is made of botulism, a neurotoxin. Yes, it is toxic and that is partly why it works. The botulism causes the muscles to stop activity and stops it receiving messages from the brain to contract. Since it can no longer contract, or at least no longer contract for a few weeks, lines disappear and wrinkles smooth away, taking the look of age from your face.

Though Dyport is a toxin to your body, the small amount that is injected during the procedure is not enough to cause any poisonous effects or reactions short of paralyzing the muscle temporarily. Results from Dysport will appear within 1-7 days after injection. Injection itself is typically quick and painless and you can literally do it on your lunch break and be back to work in 30 minutes. Dysport is known to last double or even triple the amount of time that Botox lasts since it is injected deeper into the muscle.

What is Dysport’s danger, you may wonder. Dysport side effects can be minor like headaches, droopy eyelids or eyebrows, numbness in the area or pain the injection site. Serious Dysport side effects can be transmittal of disease, trouble breathing, unusual muscle weakness, blindness, uneven heart beat, heart attack and very rarely death. Most Dysport side effects are minimal and well tolerated by individuals.

You should only get Dysport injections from a trained and professional doctor who is certified in cosmetic procedures. It can be extremely harmful or deadly to have Dysport injections done by anyone else. It may not even be Dysport that is being injected into your system. Reports of other toxic chemicals being injected into muscles are indeed true and caution should be taken. Devastating permanent effects can be had by not going to a professional for this procedure.