Dux Bed

Expensive Or Worth The Money?

By: - Product Reviews - July 20, 2011
dux bed expensive or worth the money

A Dux bed is a Swedish idea, commonly known across Europe as a divan bed, or a bed with a mattress, base and legs all in one.  You may also here them being called by their full name, the Duxiana.  Regardless, Dux beds are supposed to replace the standard North American style bed, by providing proper support where needed as you sleep.  However, there have been mixed reactions to this bed, a new thing in North America.

Most beds, especially those with springs, cannot guarantee equal support of your body, meaning that some areas may be so soft that your spine is not supported and too firm in places so that your spine is twisted into uncomfortable and awkward positions.  Many Europeans like these beds, but as North Americans are discovering, you still have to something on top to provide a distance between you and the springs.  The fact is that Dux beds are designed well, being very comfortable for most people.  The spring system inside differs from the North American variety, having as many as hundreds more springs than the standard spring mattresses that you are no doubt used to.  Each spring is interlaced with the others, preventing the usual strain that springs have on the body.  A layer of foam and down are layered on top, making the top that much softer than the North American spring mattress.  Additionally, the bed is closer to the ground, so standard North American sheets simply will not fit because the mattress is twice as thick as the ones we use.  Unfortunately, though the twin is ideal and worth buying, the larger beds, especially the king, you can feel every movement of the other person sleeping with you, so putting an additional mattress pad on top is the only answer.

The Dux bed works better for two people if you put a couple of twin sized beds together.  This is okay, but when you buy  king size you expect to have a good night’s sleep, not feel vibrations from the other person’s movements.  The other thing that makes Dux beds an issue in North America is the price.  Though the spring mattress system is by far one of the world’s best, such luxury is far over priced, ranging in North American from around four thousand dollars US to as much as six thousand dollars US.  The reality is that most people could never afford this.  Now, in Europe, the price of this bed is far less, in fact, matching the price you would pay for a good quality bed in the US or Canada.  The issue here is that even though the beds come with complementary pillows and a full refund if you are not satisfied, you still only have a ten year life cycle for the bed as you would with any other mattress.  Also, you cannot turn your bed over as you would with a North American style spring mattress to help keep the springs remaining even.  Worse, though, though the quality is beyond reproach, the simple fact is that until the cost of these beds is decreased by their popularity in the US and Canada, you may find it better to invest in an orthopedic bed and get all the added features of heating, massage and bed adjustments for just a fraction of the price.

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