Durham Bulls Schedule 2011 - A Look Back

Durham Bulls Schedule 2011 – A Look Back

By: - Recreation & Sports - October 5, 2011
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The Durham Bulls schedule is over for 2011, as of September 9th, 2011. They ended the 2011 season with a loss to the Columbus Clippers, final score 5-2. Overall the Durham Bulls schedule 2011 version ended with a record of 80 wins and 62 losses. Though the Durham Bulls did make the playoffs this year, the Columbus Clippers were too tough for them and they fell out of the playoffs as quickly as the playoffs began.

The first series of the Durham Bulls schedule 2011 was against the Gwinnett Braves. The series of 4 games ended tied with 2 wins for the Bulls and 2 wins for the Braves. The Bulls and Braves met again a few weeks later for a short, 3 game series where the Bulls were able to pull away with 2 wins over the Braves. The Durham Bulls went back and forth for the entire season with the Braves, each vying for that first place divisional spot. By the end of the season, the Durham Bulls were able to push ahead by 2.5 games and clinching their division.

The Charlotte Knights were more of an annoyance on the Durham Bulls schedule for the season in divisional play. The Knights ended up 11.5 games behind the Durham Bulls for the 2011 season. The final team in the division, the Norfolk Tide was not a threat at all to the Durham Bulls in 2011. They ended the 2011 season 24.5 games behind the Bulls, but throughout the season, managed to beat the Bulls 10 time, including the 17-2 win the Tide was able to pull off on July 8th.

Highlights of the Durham Bulls Schedule 2011 include their 6,000th win on August 2nd, 2011 against the Charlotte Knights with a final score of 18 -3, and of course their 2011 Division Title. Looking ahead to 2012, the Durham Bulls schedule is released and ticket blocks are available for purchase right now. You can get a 10 pack of ticket vouchers for the Bulls for $80 and use them for nay 2012 game. Individual game tickets are not yet being sold, but are expected to be released shortly.

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