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Learning About Cordless Drills

By: - Home Improvement - August 11, 2011
drill guide learning about cordless drills

In any workshop around the world you will find both the professional and amateur craftsman hard at work either creating the newest furniture for the home or hard at work creating the home on the jobsite.  Over the years, the focus on streamlining a difficult task of such undertakings has necessitated plenty of innovations in tools and the technology used to create them.  One such wonder that has taken the woodworking world by storm is that of the cordless wood crafting tools like the AEG cordless drill.

In days of manufacturing gone by, power generators were ever present on the jobsite, with long, heavy electrical cords snaking across the job site, powering everything from saws to drills to sanding machines.  The accidents associated with the endless streams of cords too resulted in both fire and accidental electrocution for many workers on countless job sites across the globe.  Thanks to the AEG cordless drill, however, that problem has been averted and the worker on the go both in home shop and on the job site can wander anywhere without having to move generators or lug along heavy strands of electrical cords.

Once the cordless drill was created, another problem that ran parallel with the success of the AEG power drill was the lifespan of the battery, located within the hand grip housing on the drill.  Simply putting low grade, smaller voltage batteries was out of the question, and the drive was on to find a battery that was as excellent as it was long lasting to provide the requisite power necessary to make the AEG drill so – cordless.  Depending on the type of AEG cordless drill that you own, the battery sizes can range in voltage from twelve volt, fourteen volt and eighteen volt battery capacity.

The lifespan of these batteries are really great as well, and the success of the battery in relation to the effectiveness of the drill is excellent.  Many of the line of high grade batteries for the AEG cordless drill have a one year warranty which typifies the confidence that AEG places behind its cordless drills.

Hand in hand with the cordless drill to is the drill guide.  These essential devices has ensured the quality craftsmanship behind every carpenters job.   Attaching the drill guide to the housing of the drill, each drill is delivered straight and true so that no deviation is made, no angle missed and no hole is crooked.  Drill guides encase the drill into a housing created with durable steel guides that hold the drill steady and allow the drill to slowly slide down the length of the steel rods to its fullest reach.  Each drill guide too comes in a variety of styles with varying capacities for angular perforation.  Ask any carpenter anywhere, and he will gladly tell you that the key to a successful creation in superior woodworking is that of the drill guide.

There are various styles, as mentioned before and many will adapt easily to the standard drills that are in existence today on the jobsite.  Prior to making the purchase, and even though it is common sense practicality, one such consideration is whether or not the device is suited to the drill to which you currently own and to the specific needs to which you intend the device to work.  As there are an abundance of styles of drill guides available, be certain as to what you are looking for and do the research first before making the purchase.  There is nothing worse than making a purchase that you realize won’t work for you that results in stymied production or no production at all.

Photo: cordless drill – copyright 2005, Luigi Zanasi – reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License 2.0 Canada, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Battdrill.jpg