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Keeping It Natural

By: - Product Reviews - August 3, 2011
dries van noten shoes keeping it natural

What do Dries van Noten shoes, vans sophie and vans 106sf shoes have in common? Well, if you are already enamoured by the colors and beauty of these casual and more dressy shoes, then you should have noticed that timelessness has been extended to using healthy and natural materials for making these shoes, which ultimately keeps your feet healthy and happy for years to come.  There is no doubt, and it has been proven for thousands of years, that good shoes support your entire health, including your posture, and natural materials let your feet breathe and avoid problems.  So, what about the materials used to make these shoes is so important that you should think twice before buying other brands with vinyls and plastic?

Season after season, on the fashion runways of major fashion houses all across the world, Dries van Noten shoes, vans sophie and vans 106sf shoes have dominated the scene for many years.  You can see them displayed and advertised in many of the world’s most popular fashion magazines, primarily because there is a push to get back to basics and get back to more naturally made products, not just in a bid to save the environment, but to bring back the old-fashioned and proven idea of healthy shoes makes healthy feet.  You really have a choice when it comes to natural materials and shoes, the two top being natural canvas or hemp fabrics and leather.  So, let us look at why leather shoes are the best option, and then address the canvas or hemp fabrics.

Firstly, do not be fooled by the plastic, synthetic modern fabric called pleather because it simply is not leather and basically is made of plastic.  This includes vinyl, patent leather, PVC, koskin, faux leather, leatherette, leather-like, vegan leather, artificial leather, polyurethane and man-made types of materials, all coming under the same umbrella, but they are not leather.  Made for cheapness, you may think that you are getting a bargain, but you are not.  The reality is that anything that is not real leather is not good for your feet.  With the Dries van Notens, leather is a primary material used and for good reason.  Properly fitted shoes are not overly tight, but are not simply loose either, and when you buy a pair of their leather shoes you should have them fitted to feel somewhat tight because leather is a natural fiber that will stretch over time to suit the size and shape of your feet.  Most importantly, the leather of these shoes is more comfortable and lets them breathe, which is something that the pleathers cannot do.  Additionally, as with pleather for jackets which makes you feel the cold more, leather for coats and shoes keeps your feet feeling warmer, even in very cold conditions, and if you combine those with wool socks, your feet are protected extremely well against extremely cold temperatures.

Now, let us look at why the vans line of canvas shoes are a good alternative to leather shoes during the warmer months and other benefits that you might not be aware of.  Canvas is quite often used for the making of tents and sails for boats, though it tends to be a coarse material taken from hemp.  However, because the canvas is put on the top or as the uppers and rubber makes up the soles, you get more possibilities of colors and styles than fouhd with man-made materials and the canvas allows your feet to breathe whilst absorbing the sweat.  Though canvas for shoes are not as supportive as leather and cannot be used for extremely intensive types of activities, they are perfect for walking, aerobics, tennis and even runs.  Best of all they are comfortable, inexpensive and easy to wash in a washing machine.  You can also care for canvas shoes as with leather ones with much less time spent on maintenance.  Special starches and protectors sprays can be applied to keep them clean, maintain their colors and even protect them during the rain.  You can air dry your canvas shoes and as long as you wear socks with them regularly, they will never have a bad odor.

So, as you can see, there are many benefits to having shoes made from leather and/or canvas.  Most importantly, they last for years longer and prevent many of the bacterial and fungal infections, as well as other foot problems found with pleather and other man-made material type shoes.  That is why Dries van Noten shoes, vans sophie and vans 106 sf shoes are so worth buying.

Photo: natural materials for shoes – public domain photo – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:PF_Flyers_Center_High_Re-Issue_sneakers_black.jpg