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By: - Home Security - June 3, 2011
dorcy flashlights

Dorcy flashlights are now becoming very sought after since they introduced the new Dorcy rechargeable flashlight.  They have without doubt become one of the most valuable flashlight tool invented to date.  Being hand-held, this flashlight is powered by batteries that provides light sources in different sizes and shapes, making it vital in relation to search and rescue emergencies, hunting trips, camping adventures, power outages and other situations where no other light source is available.

Dorcy flashlights have progressed technology wise so drastically over the past three years that the changes being seen are truly remarkable, giving many people who use them a great advantage.  Those who understand the technology behind incandescent type flashlights are happy to see an end to the disposable versions as the Dorcy rechargeable flashlight has come into being, using high-end LCD bulbs, making them much more efficient and using less battery energy.

The diodes that emit the light are far better than the incandescent versions.  Dorcy flashlights do not generate the heat associated with incandescent versions and run far longer.  As the LED bulbs are soldered in place or last up to a maximum of fifty thousand hours, the advent of the Dorcy rechargeable flashlight has made these even more energy efficient and far better as far as value for money is concerned.  At the very low end of the scale, the rechargeable version provides a minimum output of two hundred and twenty lumens.

Truly these flashlights are worth the investment.  They are amongst the highest powered type of LED flashlights that can be found within the market and are not just available to the military or government personnel.  Even the general public can enjoy these fine flashlights, which have been designed by a company that has over half a century of flashlight construction experience.  Most importantly, if you want to buy one of their flashlights, rechargeable or not, you can find them in most major department stores, security equipment outlets and general hardware sections in even average stores across North America.  The best part is that the rechargeable version comes with an AC/DC adaptor for charging at home or plugging into vehicle adaptors for on the road use.  Weighing a mere pound a piece, these flashlights are outstanding!

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