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By: - Pets - March 24, 2011
dog seizure symptoms

By keeping a close eye on your pet dog you can easily determine dog seizure symptoms. If you have seizure dogs you need to consult a doctor immediately. Below are the few symptoms and phases with which you can understand if your dog is suffering with the problem:

The symptoms are categorized in three different types:

Pre-Ictal Phase: In this phase dogs are in the primary state of their seizure problems. The symptoms of this stage are:
Your dog might become unresponsive. This means he might not listen to you or might stop obeying you.
Your dog might start biting people around him. He may sometime start biting other objects or even himself.
Your dog might feel restless. In this case he might start running uselessly or start circling around himself as if trying to catch his own tail.

Ictal Phase: When you have seizure dogs you will find the following symptoms in him and if they are seen this means that your dog is in Ictal phase. These dog seizure symptoms are:
Your dog might start thrashing himself with nearby objects hence causing him some injuries. Sometimes he may also twitch his limbs.
Your dog might be paralyzed for a short duration if he has seizure problem. Also, in some cases this paralysis attack might last even longer.
Other dog seizure symptoms include losing control on salivary glands, bowels or bladder. This means that in case your dog has seizure problem he might urinate or salivate without even knowing about this and thus scattering dirty stuff almost everywhere in the house.
During this dogs might stretch their heads back tightly hence pulling out their necks with high strain. They may also gnash their teeth during this phase.

Post-Ictal Phase: This is the state that comes after the seizure is over. The symptoms to this are as below:

After dog seizure is over your dog might lose his vision and hearing senses for some time. You can find this out by calling out his name or by moving your head or hand in front of his eyes.
After the seizure dog might feel quite thirsty and would drink a lot of water. However it is recommended that your dog should eat and drink a lot after he is out of the seizure.
If your dog has the habit of salvation, he will salivate 60 times more than his regular salivation. This is found in most dogs.
After the seizure is over your dog sometimes might get disoriented. This means that he will start wandering around uselessly and will start thrashing him against any nearby object. In other words your dog might lose control of himself and will start behaving in strange manner. This situation may last for 2 to 3 hours.

There are various medicines available on the medical stores which can be helpful in these cases. However it is recommended that once you find that your dog has seizure problem you should immediately contact the concerned doctor and tell him about the Dog Seizure Symptoms to get the best treatment for your pet.

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