Does Microdermabrasion Work

A Question Of Safety

By: - Skin Care - September 6, 2011
does microdermabrasion work a question of safety

These days, there is a large following of those that want to ensure that their skin and their facial complexion are supple looking and smooth in texture.  One of the methods of exfoliation that are sought after in an effort to rid themselves of wrinkly skin is microdermabrasion but there are a lot of questions surrounding the merits of this procedure and the ever omnipresent question of wondering varied questions. Does microdermabrasion work? Is microdermabrasion safe?

First of all, let us examine the process of microdermabrasion a little more closely.  So, does microdermabrasion work? Unlike its cousin dermabrasion that literally sands away a layer of outer skin, microdermabrasion removes a smaller portion of skin.  The times to recover from dermabrasion and microdermabrasion vary depending on the person but bearing in mind that dermabrasion is one that wears away more skin than that of microdermabrasion, the recovery times will be different and the sensitivity levels of the skin are more so than microdermabrasion.  Microdermabrasion wears away smaller layers of skin and is generally intended to abrade away such skin ailments as small, thin wrinkles, various skin pigmentations are easy to see on the faces of those that have them and perhaps some rather shallow and small scaring owing to acne.  According to some, they had to seek treatment for about four to five sessions before they began seeing results.  Does micrdermabrasion work? Many have made the claim that there is less time to heal, lower levels of pain if any at all and many others say that it gives their skin a clean, healthy kind of glow that they otherwise had not had in a while.  In practicality though microdermabrasion depends largely on the individual person.  Generally it is said to be highly effective for those that have used it, giving them a clean, healthy feeling on the skin on their faces.  Is microdermabrasion safe though?  There is not a lot of information to suggest that microdermabrasion is unsafe or dangerous for those with this pre existing skin condition or that, however, in reviewing a lot of the comments made by some of the recipients of this well regarded but borderline effective treatment, it depends on the individual.  Some have rave reviews about the excellence of this procedure while still others claim that the break outs in acne and black heads actually became worse with increased levels of skin sensitivity.

So the question of whether microdermabrasion works is inconclusive which suggests that the person who is considering undergoing this treatment should speak to both her doctor and a certified, independent dermatologist to be evaluated for treatment or refusal.  Each person has differing levels of skin sensitivity and that factor has to be taken into consideration prior to undergoing any kind of microdermabrasion.  As for wondering is microdermabrasion safe, it is easy to say with veracity that microdermabrasion is safe but only effective for the right person and the right kind of skin.

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