Does Cocoa Butter Remove Stretch Marks - The Many Uses Of Cocoa Butter

Does Cocoa Butter Remove Stretch Marks – The Many Uses Of Cocoa Butter

By: - Beauty - August 29, 2011
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Cocoa butter has some excellent uses including treating dry skin and caring for eczema. The biggest claims for cocoa butter are that it will remove stretch marks and treat acne.  Does cocoa butter remove stretch marks? What about other ailments? Does cocoa butter remove acne? Read on to find out.

Cocoa butter is a type of vegetable fat. It is extracted from the cocoa bean and has a distinct odor and flavor of chocolate. It is all natural, excellent for your skin and has been used for many years as a natural lotion and treatment for ailments and as an all natural ingredient in cooking, cosmetics and soaps.

There are of course other claims of what cocoa butter can do. Does cocoa butter remove stretch marks? No.  It does not remove stretch marks, but it can help fade stretch marks simply by making your skin look healthier. The best thing you can use cocoa butter for when it comes to stretch marks is to make your skin as elastic as possible by applying cocoa butter. For instance, if you are pregnant, applying cocoa butter daily to your stomach can help keep stretch marks at bay. Though you can’t remove stretch marks with cocoa butter, it can help prevent them from forming.

As for the other claim about acne, does cocoa butter remove acne? Again, another claim can be proven false. Cocoa butter does not remove acne. In fact, cocoa butter on your face can make your acne worse by clogging your pores even further. On the other hand, if used sparingly, cocoa butter can help fade any acne scars though it will not remove them completely. You should not use cocoa butter on your skin at all if it is oily. Since cocoa butter is not good for removing stretch marks and does not remove acne, you may be wondering what it does.

As mentioned above, cocoa butter is excellent as a lotion and used commonly in cosmetics. It is outstanding for sensitive skin and recent studies have shown even more possible effects of cocoa butter including relieving stress, boosting the immune system and possibly prevent cancer. There is even evidence that ingredients in cocoa butter can even prevent heart disease and ease arthritis.  Keep in mind that commercial lotions that list cocoa butter on their label may not have a lot of real cocoa butter in them. If you want the full effects, actually buying real cocoa butter is the best way to use it. You can find it in almost all health food stores and begin immediately feeling the amazing effects. Hopefully this article has helped answer your questions. Does cocoa butter remove acne? Does cocoa butter remove stretch marks? No, it doesn’t, but it can certainly help stretch marks and it has a variety of other uses as well.