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Continuing The Tradition Of Quality Footwear

By: - Shoes - July 14, 2011
doc martin shoes continuing the tradition of quality footwear

Even shoes can have a place in history.  Although not every brand of shoe is going to end up as reading material in social sciences classes in years to come, some, invariably will.  One of the most legendary brands of shoes and boots that will be known in the history of footwear and even social sciences will be the Dr. Martens brand, famously known as Doc Martin shoes.

This poses many questions.  Why would a mere boot be the subject of study or history?  Roman sandals that have been excavated don’t have that appeal or draw, so why the Doc Martin?  The Doc Martin shoe isn’t your ordinary shoe.  It has all of the features that anyone could ever want and much of the features that demanding consumers want in foot wear.  What makes the Doc Martin shoe line so unique other than its legendary history is the design.  The sole, which is air cushioned, has been dubbed the ‘bouncing soles’ and the construction of the boot featuring the welted edges and yellow stitching have made it sought after for the strong appearance and fashionable design.

Features such as comfort, durability, affordability, long lasting lifespan, and of course, fashion.  The thick durable rubber sole with grip and non slip treading design will keep you on your feet on slippery surfaces and the ankle embracing design of the shoe itself will provide strength to the foot and ankle as you move about your day.  So this is the reason why my children are going to be reading about Doc Martin shoes?  There are literally hundreds, if not thousands and thousands of Doc Martin Shoes reviews about this legendary boot and it isn’t all based on the durability of the boot, either.  Doc Martin shoes began with an inspiring foot injury to a German Army doctor in World War Two named Klaus Martens.  Discontented with his standard army boot, he developed a new form of boot that we know today as the Doc Martens shoes.  With added enhancements under the suggestion of his friend using discarded rubber abandoned in old air force air fields, the thick air sole cushion that makes this boot so comfortable according to thousands of Doc Martin Shoes reviews is one of the biggest selling features of the boot and shoe designs today.  With its advent into the humble sections of society such as law enforcement, fire brigade and the postal service, the Doc Martens shoe began its entry into the mainstream subcultures of youth.  In the 1970’s, the subculture known as the skinheads began wearing them and when the decade introduced the punk movement of the 1980’s along with new wave and other youth inspired subcultures, the Doc Martin Shoes were a staple – a mainstay.

Today, the old look is still around and popular too as is evidenced in many other Doc Martin Shoes reviews.  This is not to say that this is the only look for the Doc Martin shoes.  There are many other designs that range from the boot down to sandals on the market today with the same eye toward comfort, durability and style that will give your step a bounce and the comfort into your stride.  The famous Doc Martin, as he lay in a hospital bed with his injury in the second world war would have been amazed if someone were to tell him that his simple design would be an icon for decades to come.

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