Do Mormons Celebrate Christmas

The Facts

By: - Spirituality - September 29, 2011
do mormons celebrate christmas the facts

There are many different variants of the Christian faith in the world today and naturally, it follows that while we may choose not to abandon our own faith, we often wonder about the religious doctrines of other religions.  One such question that is often pondered is that of the Mormons.  Just how do Mormons celebrate Christmas each year and, do Mormons celebrate Easter at all?  These are great questions and in the ensuing article, we will look closely at these questions.

In spite of the fact that Mormons are neither of the Protestant faith nor the Catholic faith, they are still regarded as members of the Christian faith.  That being said, they, like other Christian faiths do celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, son of God, they view Jesus Christ as the actual faith foundation.  In looking closely at the actual practices, when you ask, how Mormons celebrate Christmas, you will actually be at pains to discover just where they differ from the practice of any other Christian faith.  The only exception to the rule is that Advent is not observed, however it is not disparaged, either and members of the Mormon congregation are permitted to observe it if they so choose.  Other than that, Santa Claus, stockings, Christmas trees and hymns to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ make the Mormon faith similar to that of other Christian based religions.

Therefore, the second question, do Mormons believe in Easter, is another big similarity that the Mormon faith has with its neighboring Christian counterparts.  They are firm believers that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is proof that all who believe in God and his son Jesus Christ will have the resurrection.  They believe that all who believe in him will be joined together with their bodies once again.  There is no difference in the fact that the beliefs that Christian faiths share with the Mormons is the acceptance of the New Testament version of what the life and death was like of Jesus Christ.

So, there you have the answers to your questions – do Mormons celebrate Christmas and do Mormons celebrate Easter.  With some procedural modus operendi as regards the structure and protocol’s of religious ceremony, they vary extremely little from the big institution faiths such as the Protestants and the Catholic faiths.

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