Do Mormons Believe In Jesus

Varying Beliefs Or Great Differences?

By: - Religion - September 29, 2011
do mormons believe in jesus varying beliefs or great differences

There is a wide gap that exists between that which many believe to be the fundamentals of the faith known as Mormonism and what in fact is the truth about this relatively new religion.  One of the many questions that are posited by those not familiar with the faith is, do Mormons believe in Jesus?  In reality, the thought that the faith we call Mormonism is not a faith that we can view as Christianity vs Mormonism, but rather one that draws parallels between itself and Christianity.

Do Mormons believe in Jesus?  Of course yes, Mormons do in fact believe in Jesus Christ as being the true manifestation as the son of God.  The Mormon faith believes that Christ died for our sins through his crucifixion, however, they believe that the period in which he began his atonement did not originate on the cross, but rather, it began in the gardens of Gethsemane.  This runs counter to the orthodox Christian faith that maintains that the physical sin of Christ was paid for with his life on the cross alone. So to answer the question, do Mormons believe in Jesus, that question is clear with the only difference in the idea of Christ’s death and atonement of sin and where it originated.  However the idea of Christianity vs Mormonism is contradictory as the Mormon Church aligns itself with the concept of Christianity.  The only difference here is that the Mormon Church believes that the so called Great Apostacy, or spiritual decay of the original Christianity as foretold by Paul has in fact, already happened and that they are the only true representative of the scriptures and teachings of Christ.  The Mormon Church believes that the papacy of old permitted the ancient religions of the Roman culture into the Christian ideal such as Sol Invictus, solar monism, idol worship and Mithras to take root within the church.  The resulting opinion, thus of the concept of Christianity vs Mormonism is that the Mormons hold Christianity of the modern age to be wrong and spiritually divergent from the original teachings of Christ and his twelve disciples.

This answers the question of do Mormons believe in Jesus Christ but from a different view as to who still holds the original idea of Christ in its truest form that may sometimes seem like a battle of Christianity vs Mormonism.

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