Digital Meat Thermometer%E2%80%94how They Work

Digital Meat Thermometer—How They Work

By: - Cooking - July 24, 2011
digital meat thermometer%E2%80%94how they work

Meat thermometers make cooking many dishes easier, and are essential for some types of cooking.  Pork, turkey and chicken must be cooked to specified temperatures in order to be safe to eat, and other types of foods need specific temperatures to cook properly.

A digital meat thermometer makes checking meat temperatures even easier than traditional ones.  They let you cook beef, chicken, turkey, pork, and dishes such as meat loaf to the perfect degree of doneness.

Using a digital meat thermometer lets you cook your steaks exactly the way you want them.  If you want them well-done, you can take them off the grill just at that perfect moment.  If you prefer rare, you can catch them just as the internal temperature starts to rise.  If you’re cooking a turkey, you can take it out of the oven when it’s hot enough to have cooked all the way through but before it starts to dry out.

Using a digital meat thermometer makes cooking incredibly easy.  There’s no more guesswork when it comes to getting everything to the right temperature.

If you really want to make cooking easier, get a digital meat thermometer with remote.  This is a really high end toy for serious cooks.  You can get them with one probe or two, and they let you leave the kitchen but still monitor what’s going on in the oven.

A basic meat thermometer with remote will have just a single probe and will let you keep track of one steak or casserole.  But a more expensive unit will give you two probes for cooking two different dishes at the same time.  Some of them may offer an out-of-range alarm, as many as ten meat settings, and four doneness settings.

No more entertaining in the kitchen while you cook!  Remotes like these guarantee that you always know what’s happening in your kitchen or on your grill, even when you’re sitting by the pool with your guests.

A digital meat thermometer with remote is easy to use.  Just insert the stainless steel probe into the center of whatever you’re cooking.  Then you select the type of meat—pork, veal, lamb, chicken, steak or whatever—and then choose how well done you want it.

Then you clip the remote to your belt or put it in your pocket.  You can sit on the lanai with your guests and chat while your dinner is cooking.

When the meat reaches the temperature you’ve selected, the remote starts beeping, letting you know that your dinner is ready.  The nice part is that it’s perfect every time.

Many times a digital meat thermometer with remote has an LCD back light so it’s easy to read, even in the dark.  Most of them run on common household batteries such as AA or AAA batteries.