Different Ear Piercings

Picking A Type

By: - Beauty - August 30, 2011
different ear piercings picking a type

Ear piercings are a very popular means of self decoration whose humble beginnings aren’t entirely known.  Every generation has undergone the process of getting their ears pierced and in recent years, this has extended to even the men.  With the advent of the more rebellious youth in the age of ear piercings, this art has undergone its own transformation to give us different ear piercings and radiacl types of piercing.

The typical ear piercing that you are all familiar with are those done through the lobes of the ears.  Gradually people have added another, and yet another piercing to the lobe to the point that the piercings were extending all the way up and around the rim of the ear.  Let us look at the specific types of ear piercings that are now being widely practiced in today’s day and age.  As mentioned the lobes are the most popular of piercings.  Next is the Tragus.  This is the piece of small cartilage that sticks out just forward of the ear opening.  Piercing this portion of the ear is not very difficult but if you use the ear bud kind of earpiece in your listening device, it can take a little longer to heal.  Its next door neighbor, aptly named the Anti-tragus is not as often pierced but there are those that have tried and actually pierced this portion of the ear.  The Helix is that piercing that is done at the top of the ear rim and as mentioned earlier, has become a not so radicalized means of piercing as it is practiced far and wide among today’s youth.  The word in Hebrew meaning ‘wisdom’ is another piercing known for being located in a rather unusual area on the ear, followed by the Conch, which is done on the ear’s shell however, this particular piercing is a little more complex and should not be done by anyone other than those that have had specialized training in the medical application of piercing.  Finally, of all ear piercings, we arrive to the last one, called the Rook which is a piercing in one ridge of the inner ear.  There are those that haven’t been blessed with this so called fold and cannot, therefore get a Rook.  Sad but true, however, there are the myriad of other piercings they can get that have been named above in lieu of.

So as you can see, of all the different ear piercings that there are, there is an exhaustive assortment of types of piercings that you can choose from to make that rebellious statement through the unusual piercing.

Photo: ear piercing – copyright 2007, Lamilli – reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License 2.0 Generic, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Thai_Earplug_5.jpg